Houston Vehicles Review Of Brothers in Arms: Earned In Blood

[url="http://www.houstonvehicles.com/"]Houston Vehicles[/url] have posted a review of Brothers in Arms: Earned In Blood, hopefully reading a...

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Latest Earned in Blood Reviews

2 more reviews for your enjoyment. They do not really contain a lot of interesting information but they do however might give you the extra ...

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Earned in Blood Dev Diary

The AI of the soldiers have been greatly improved. This developer diary is mainly about the AI. The AI is mainly what it's about in Single P...

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Gamespy Earned in Blood Preview

Gamespy talks Brothers in Arms 2: Earned in Blood. Here's a little snippet: "On the A.I. side, players will notice many improvements in Brot...

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GamerCC & Randy Pitchford Interview - Q&A

GamerCC interviewed Randy Pitchford and asked a few new questions about Earned In Blood, BIA3, his opinion towards the Nintendo Revolution a...

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Hartsock Bio and New Renders

Gearbox has released new information on and about Hartsock's background plus several [url="http://www.brothersinarmsgame.com/uk/fullpost.php...

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Earned in Blood Xbox Hands-on Preview

[b]TeamXbox[/b] recently had the chance to play hands-on with a preview build of Earned in Blood Single Player; they posted their thoughts i...

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Earned in Blood Preview

There's an article over at [b]Boomtown[/b] offering some insights on the forthcoming sequel. If you're interested in knowing how much it wil...

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