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Published by Hfx-Rebel 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Now that you had the chance to play it, do you think HH will bring life back to the BiA Franchise?

Yup! It's awesomness will have peple try the other two games! 40.7% (44)
I dunno...it's pretty good, but the other two have died already 37.9% (41)
I doubt it, even HH wasn't much better 10.1% (11)
Nope 8.3% (9)
Other 2.7% (3)
Total: 108
Start: 10-18-2008 16:50
Last: 10-27-2008 12:46

 #1 - Posted by: Wundai (Member) on 10-20-2008 at 00:38

In My opinion its the best of the 3, it has the best story of ANY WW2 game i've played, (and that's about every WW2 game we've got out there :) ) Graphics are very nice too. But I chose 2 second option, I do think the other 2 games are dead :(

 #2 - Posted by: Cobra_SCS (Member) on 10-20-2008 at 11:16

the game was fun the first time i played and finished it in 2 long long times of playing it but the other two BIA games were more tense and fun and why is there NO DAMM SKIRMISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN THE OTHER BIA'Z YOU COULD PLAY AS KRAUTS IN SKIRMISH SINGLEPLAYER. Now YOU CANT! Oh well, i think we can all agree game developers aren't that smart and are just a bunch of middle-aged men making games and thinking of practical jokes that aren't funny to anyone but themselves

 #3 - Posted by: SSGRick (Member) on 10-20-2008 at 17:24

The games ok but the main thing I don't like is, just when the game is getting good, a video pops up and takes over. If I want to watch a movie I'll buy one. That is one thing I like about the COD franchise. No videos interrupting the game.:mad

 #4 - Posted by: Lokgarr (Member) on 10-23-2008 at 06:11

i voted other because i haven't played HH yet

 #5 - Posted by: trollchi (Member) on 10-23-2008 at 13:12

I haven't gotten the game yet. The reviews haven't been that great. Is there an SDK for this game yet? Anybody know or heard about modding HH? I won't buy a game unless I can mod it.

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