Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

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Maps Wipe out

Some changes made in this map; A note from the developer: if you have the map Wipe out, just replace the files.


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Maps Buying the farm

A new mod supplied to us by TrollChi, it comes comes with a few changes; See the readme for more details.


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Maps Rommels Damn Asparagus

TrollChi has returned with another of his creations! This time, as an added bonus, you have three units! This is a fun map, that wi...


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Single Player Objective XYZ (modified) | with Bonus

Back to wow you with a revamped version of his recently released Single Player map, rcmero has makes his second appearance here at [b...


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Single Player Alternate Route

An outstanding modded map by TrollChi, keep up the good work! I for one, look forward to seeing more in the near future. See the readme for...


Single Player Radar Hunt

A great Single Player map for RTH30! I've not noticed any bugs and enjoyed playing this map; It is well made and lots of fun. Keep in mind t...


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Single Player Death by the Crack of Dawn

TrollChi has been busy of late...he has brought to us two versions of his Death by the Crack of Dawn map, both available with...


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Single Player Trench War

Here is the very first project that PhiniusMaster has completed; He decided to release Trench War as is, due to the fact that...


Single Player Buying The Farm

Are you looking for some fun WWII action with a map that plays well, and will keep you on your toes? Then look no further....we have here,...


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Single Player Objective XYZ

We have a first time BrothersinArmsFiles content submitter in our midst today! rcmero is here to wow you with his rendition...


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Multiplayer Front Line

This is the latest Fan made map for BIA called Frontline. Check the screenshots for more details.


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Multiplayer Frontline

Here is the newest version of the Frontline map, enjoy!