Bazooka Jo: WarZone for RtH30



Johanningmeier ("Jo") isn't the brightest soldier and lost most of his hearing after the jump. The only reason he's still on the front lines is because he can haul a bazooka and who knows how many shells clear across Normandy without missing a step. Stay clear of his line of fire, but don't let him get too far ahead of you or he'll get himself into trouble.Also includes the latest WarZone, CommandMod, and DangerousAI mods v3.33, with the following updates:v3.33: Vehicle team soldiers have regular infantry uniformsv3.32: Fixed DemonicMP which was broken in 3.31v3.31: Added Bazooka Jo MutatorAdded No Monologues Mutator (EiB only)Fixed Bazooka and Panzerfaust soldiers' grenade abilitiesSlightly improved DemonicMP AIFixed some crashes with DemonicMPFixed dialogue and scene problems with "Objective XYZ" and"No Better Spot to Die" (RtH30 maps)v3.30: Demonic MP BetaSlightly improved DangerousAIFixed "Tom & Jerry" (RtH30 map) shooting during dialogueAltered WarZone soldier formations in combatAdded Command abilities while in PeekCamReduced WarZone soldier chatterWarZone soldiers less likely to steal cover from regular soldiersWarZone soldiers less likely to block tanks' movementsGermans less likely to repeat cowardly phrases


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