Death by the Crack of Dawn



TrollChi has been busy of late...he has brought to us two versions of his Death by the Crack of Dawn map, both available with one click of the download link! After downloading, you will install an easy version and a harder version! Both versions are equally fun to play, and depending on the level of the challenge you want to face, both will stimulate your gaming experience!

The easy version is...well...easy. This adaptation will allow you to pick up discarded weapons or choose from an assortment from the weapon cache, this version also allows you the opportunity to learn the map and makes for a great practice run for the harder version.

The harder version may cause you to moan and groan a little more as you fight your way through the enemy with no hopes of stumbling across a weapons cache and forget about picking up any weapons that are dropped by the enemy! You signed up for more authentic gameplay, and that is exactly what you will receive here! If you're lucky, you may be able to get your hands on a few sparse K98's and a P38!


Refer to the readme for more information.



I did this map for the die hard RTH30 fans.  

This is a modded RTH30 map called "Crack of Dawn".  I've changed many of the dynamics of the original map (photos 1 and 2) along with amping up the enemy fire power and tactics.

There are two different versions normal, and hard.

In the normal version you can pickup all kinds of weapons that your enemy leaves or grab your choice from the weapons cache (photo 3). - This makes learning the map a blast.

In the hard version there is no weapons cache and you can not pickup any of the enemies rapid hand fire power.  There are a few K98's and a P38. - A more authentic challenge. 

To install:  extract all of the files to your BIA/MAPS folder.  ex, "C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Gearbox Software\BrothersInArms\Maps".
To play: 1. start game and select Chapters
             2. Select Custom map
             3. scroll through map list until you find either DEATHBYTHECRACKOFDAWN or DEATHBYTHECRACKOFDAWN_Hard.
             4. Select and play, hope you enjoy.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or if your interested in a collaboration project please contact me by email to:  [email protected]

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