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Those of you that have enjoyed the changes made in your gaming experience by installing More Realism (v1), have reason to be happy and jump for joy...those of you that have not installed v1, don't despair...here is your opportunity to enjoy v2!

This mod will exemplify the fun that you have while your enjoying the 'Road to Hill 30' adventure! If everything about the environment in this WWII shooter is what you want, but are not crazy about the lack of accuracy...or the equally lack of damage inflicted by the weapons will enjoy this mod! It is the opinion of catahoulak9 that reducing or removing the 'sway' of the weapons is not the best way to bring more realism to the game...in fact he believes the sway is needed for realism, instead, he has reduced the 'AimError' code by half, (although the ratios were kept the same) resulting in less random shots. Another change that is made by this download is the 'Damage_Human' codes; This code was increased, to better reflect the the effects of being/getting shot.

The main change that seperates this version from v1, is the removal of the ZOOM for some weapons. The developer feels that this adds to the authenticity and gives a more realistic feel while making long range sniping more difficult.

If you think these changes will make the game waay to easy, then play with this mod installed, and on the highest difficulty...I bet you will be plesently surprised!

So, what are you waiting for, the download link is a little lower, click it and enjoy Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 in a whole new way!

Refer to the readme for more information.



This is the same as my More Realism (v1) mod for BIA RH30 but now has the zoom removed from most weapons. I believe it has a more realistic feel and makes long range sniping more difficult. The goal of my mod is not to make the game easier, just more authentic as I see it.

Changes made are:

	1) Damage_Human_SP= min values raised to 100 for most weapons to change them to a one shot kill.
	2) AimError_Human= values reduced by half for more accurate weapons. Pistol values were not changed.
	3) Open sight zoom removed on most weapons.

Installation is the same as for v1. Back up or rename your original */system/gbxInventory.u file and copy mine to your */system folder. This is a single player mod only and you will need your original unmodified gbxInventory.u file restored if you want to join any multiplayer games.

Feedback has been very helpful in the evolution of this mod and is appreciated.


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