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catahoulak9 is back, and he has not come empty handed...after releasing the More Realism (v1) for Earned in Blood, he has followed through and is now releasing it for Road to Hill 30!

Those of you that enjoy playing this mod for Earned in Blood, and wished it was available for RTH30, can now rejoice! If you enjoy 'Road to Hill 30', but are not crazy about the lack of accuracy, or the equally lack of damage inflicted by the weapons will enjoy this mod! It is the opinion of catahoulak9 that reducing or removing the 'sway' of the weapons is not the best way to bring more realism to the game...in fact he believes the sway is needed for realism, insead, he has reduced the 'AimError' code by half, (although the ratios were kept the same) resulting in less random shots.

Another change that is made by this download is the 'Damage_Human' codes; This code was increased, to better reflect the the effects of being/getting shot. In the words of the developer: "Next I raised most of the damage codes to one shot kill levels. Now a .45 caliber round to the face is as ugly as it should be."

If you think these changes will make the game waay to easy, then play with this mod installed, and on the highest difficulty...I bet you will be plesently surprised!

So, what are you waiting for, the download link is a little lower, click it and enjoy Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 in a whole new way!

Refer to the readme for more information.




 It has never been the sway! Anyone familiar with shooting knows this. The thing I've always found so frustrating about this game is the "Aim Error" and weakened weapons the developers designed into BIA for reasons already covered in the forums. My mod addresses both issues.

 First off, I left the weapon sway untouched. This is part of shooting and BIA does a great job of recreating this. If you don't believe me try shooting a few .30-06 rounds from a Garand (no benchrests please) and try to hold those sights on target. What I did change are the AimError and Damage_Human codes. I kept the AimError ratios the same but I reduced them by half. Now all guns are twice as accurate as they were with far less random hits. Just reducing sway does little to nothing if the AimError codes are working against you. Next I raised most of the damage codes to one shot kill levels. Now a .45 caliber round to the face is as ugly as it should be. My goal was not to make BIA easier, just a little more accurate. And please guys before the "Just Learn to Shoot" crowd starts in I think you should try the mod first. I think you will like the results. 

 And one more thing, if you think it's too easy, play on the highest difficulty levels and try to get through with your little man-in-the-left-hand-corner still green and healthy. You still need to use your squad to make it without getting your a$$ shot up. That will give you a good dose of realism... your head down behind cover and a trustworthy weapon in your shaky hands to defend yourself with. It's just a game so Have Fun!


Unfortunately this is not a mutator. This is for BIA RH30 only. You must back up or rename your original C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Gearbox Software\BrothersInArms\System\gbxInventory.u file and copy my new one in its place. That's it. If you don't like it then just delete it. This is a single player mod only so Keep your old gbxInventory.u to swap back for multiplayer use. 

Sorry, no screen shots.

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