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Just like his Earned in Blood version, Rendroc has developed this mod for Road to Hill 30! Rendroc's Command Mod for RtH30 was created to add a few more commands to the RtH30 Squad leader's repertoire, hopefully providing new gameplay experiences using more varied strategic options.

This Squad Command Interface for the Single Player game mode provides a more visible Command Ring, easier targeting in Authentic Mode, Assault Cam, Peek Cam, Fall Back, Widen Formation, Man MG, Pick Up Panzerfaust, Assault Tank, Waypoints, Stay Low & Hold Fire and Enhanced Cover AI. Since some additional buttons combination's will be used for issuing orders, you may have to change your key setup so that you can press the necessary buttons simultaneously. Also, you may already be used to pressing certain keys to Cancel the Command Ring. However, the only recommended method for canceling the Command Ring with this mod is the "Use" key.

What's new in this version?

  • More aggressive MG fire.
  • Fixed some tank commands.

It's time to experience Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 in a whole new light, drop your linen and start your grinnin', it's time to step up soldier! If you think you have what it takes to walk away from this Single Player mod, then all you need to do is locate and use the download button. Enjoy.

Refer to the readme for more information.



Using Mutators in Single Player:

Use the installer to install all CommandMod files to your BrothersInArms

Start BiA, and from the Main Menu, select "Story", then "Chapters".
Click "Mutators" (at the bottom), then select "CommandMod", click
"Add" and then "Back" (at the bottom), then choose which map/chapter
you want to play.


v1.00: Straight conversion from CommandMod for EiB to RtH30.

New Commands:
Since some additional buttons combinations will be used for issuing
orders, you may have to change your key setup so that you can press
the necessary buttons simulaneously.  Also, you may already be used to
pressing certain keys to Cancel the Command Ring.  However, the only
recommended method for cancelling the Command Ring with this mod is
the "Use" key.

Command Ring Button (Tap for Waypoint):
	Release Command Button (Or Tap Again for Waypoint) = Move
	Press Use = Cancel Command or Waypoint Mode
	Press Switch Weapon = Alternate No Target Mode
	If Panzerfaust / MG in Ring = Move, Pickup / Man MG
	Press Melee = Move, Stay Low and Hold Fire
	Press Fire (No Target) = Move, Widen Formation
	Press Jump = Infiltrate	
	Press Fire (Target) = Assault
	Double Click Fire (Target) = Assault w/ Assault Cam

Hold Fall Out = Fall Back
Hold Fall Out + Press Fire = Widen Formation
Hold Crouch = Peek Cam

(More on these commands can be found below)

New Command Ring:

The Command Ring is now projected onto the surface of whatever object
you are looking at, rather than the ground.  This should make it
easier to see where you are ordering: now, you designate the cover you
want them to use, rather than the ground in front of it.

Alternate Command Mode:

By pressing "Switch Weapon" while the command ring is visible, the
ring will switch to an alternate mode that will not target enemies.
Use this if your Target Icon keeps popping up when you want to issue a
Move Order.  The Alternate Command Ring has a different color.

Targetting with No Suppression Icons:

This mod will make it easier to target enemies from behind cover with
suppression icons turned off.

Enhanced AI Cover Selection:

The AI will try to stick to cover a little more, and has improved
capabilities for searching for better cover and firing locations.


New Camera Mode: Peek Cam

Hold "Crouch" for a few seconds while behind cover, and you will get
an "Over the Helmet" view of Red.  This is so you can watch all of the
action in safety without missing any of the excitement of battle.

New Camera Mode: Assault Cam

When ordering an Assault, Double Click on the enemy (instead of single
click) and you will be able to view the Assault up close and
personal.  Make sure you have cover when initiating this (Red will
duck while the Assault Cam is active).


Waypoints / Waypoint Mode:
Tap the Command button (do not hold it) and you will enter Waypoint
Mode.  The Command Ring will stay visible while you tap the command
button for each location you want the team to pass through.  You can
also create waypoints using any combination including Alternate Command
Mode, Stay Low, or Pickup Panzerfaust.  Waypoint Mode ends when you order
to Man an MG, Widen Formation, Target an Enemy, or Assault, or when
you press the "Use" button.

Fall Back: Hold "Fall Out" until the order is given.  Your team will
fall back to its previous position.

Widen Formation: Press "Fire" while holding "Fall Out".  Your team
will widen its search for suitable cover and vantage locations ,possibly splitting up.

Fall Out:  Members fall out in place, dismounting any MGs and
disregarding any ordered Panzerfausts pickups, and tighten their
formation to standard.

New Commands Using Command Ring:
Mount MG: 
Issue a Move Order at an MG42 or M1919 (a new icon
should appear) and one of your members will mount it.

Pick Up Panzerfaust: 
Issue a Move Order at a box of Panzerfausts or
one that is lying on the ground and one of your members will pick it
up.  You can also "Waypoint" a pickup; the team will pickup up the
Panzerfaust before moving on to the next waypoint.

Stay Low and Hold Fire: 
Press "Melee" while the Command Ring is shown,
and the team will move in the crouched position and hold their fire
until they reach the ordered destination or they are shot at.  This
may increase your chances of surprising and flanking the enemy.

Move and Widen Formation: 
Press "Fire" while the Command Ring is
shown, and the team will move to the ordered destination and widen its
formation as described above.

Press "Jump" while the Command Ring is shown, and your team will
advance beyond the ordered location.  Use this if you want to order
your team to an area beyond an obstruction, or to occupy a

Assault Tank:
Your Assault Team now has the capability to Assault Tanks.  They must
have a strategic advantage or they will refuse the order.  At minimum,
you need two soldiers still alive with at least one grenade, and
either the tank must already be seriously damaged or the team must
have a Panzerfaust.  If the assault fails, the team will attempt to
flee to their previous location.


Thanks to Gearbox for providing the SDK and creating a wonderful
game, and to Botman and the other Gearbox Forum members for keeping
the BiA Mod Forum alive.

See included CommandMod_EULA.txt
Please ask me first if you wish to utilize any of my code for your own use. 

CommandMod by Rendroc 07/24/08 (My first mod! :)
Email me any questions or feedback:
mjc1975 [at] gmail [dot] com

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