Rendroc's WarZone for RtH30



Gives you all the improved AI, dialogue, and other features of CommandMod without all of the advanced commands. (It is confusing for some people, so they don't use CommandMod, and they were missing out on the extras.)

CommandModHints enables the CommandMod with additional hints for you to learnthe advanced commands. Each advanced order you issue will display amessage indicating what your squad is doing. DeadlySquadsMP: The squads in multiplayer BiA normally have terrible aim. This mutatorgives both US and German squad soldiers the same accuracy as in the singleplayer game. This will not affect the Demonic MP players. CustomWeapons Mutator: allows anyone to customize damage, sway, kickback, accuracy, and zoom just by editing a simple text file with notepad. (Please post your own CustomWeapons.ini files!) CustomLoadouts allows you to change the inventories of you and your squad. You can customize your squads for each map individually, and even equip them with German weapons. CustomMutators allows you to load all of your favorite mutators using only one list, so you don't have to choose them individually every time you load BiA. Use Rendroc's Mutators in Skirmish Mode using a new shortcut and the new CustomMutators.ini file. (EiB only)[/list]But wait there's more! BodyCount works in Multiplayer Soldiers stay silent when Maneuvering Under Cover More German faces and voices for enemies in WarZone AI Soldiers consider TNT more dangerous Runaway loop bug is fixed A bunch of other tweaks and fixes[/list]If you're unfamiliar with WarZone or CommandMod, here's the briefing:The Command Mod adds more commands to provide more strategic options for defeating the enemy.Rendroc's Enhanced Squad Command Interface for Single Player has a New Command Ring, Smoke Grenades, Easier Targeting in Authentic Mode, Assault Cam, Peek Cam, Fall Back, Widen Formation, Man MG, Pick UpPanzerfaust, Assault Tank, Waypoints, Maneuver Under Cover, Enhanced Cover AI, and Order GrenadesDangerous AI adds movement ability to the enemy. They will now attempt to flank, manuever, and retreat.WarZone brings many more soldiers from both sides into the battle. Fighting is more chaotic and intense.DemonicMP lets you play against (and with!) the computer in Multiplayer. AI Players will fill empty slots in your created server and will work to achieve the objectives for their team just as a human player would.WarZoneMP adds up to 20 more AI-controlled soldiers to Multiplayer battles. Used with DemonicMP, you can enjoy epic Multiplayer battles never seen before in Brothers in Arms.WZGravity changes the physics slightly for projectiles and dead or dying bodies for a more realistic effect.BodyCount keeps dead bodies from vanishing.NoTracers eliminates tracer fire from rifles and submachine guns.

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