Rendroc's WarZone for RtH30



from his Ultimate Realism Mod into the new jmoneyWeapons mutator. You won't need the Ultimate Realism Mod anymore, but you should still download the newest version of of his sound mod, jmoney's Real Gun Sounds Mod v2.0, here: http://brothersinarms2.filefront.com/file/jmoneys_Real_Gun_Sounds_for_RtH30;118690Ah, "Hollywood": the name promises a lot, doesn't it? Well, it's not really about the quality of effects (it's not exactly Avatar), but the type and style that you see in movies. Although unrealistic at times, the purpose of artistic license in these situations is to heighten the excitement, immersion, and utter danger of war, whether you are in a movie theater seat or in front of your PC. This mutator significantly improves material detection and behavior. Most surfaces in RtH30 and especially EiB default to a few basic bullet impact types of effects. Well, say goodbye to the generic grey/white puffs of smoke.Dead bodies and animals have their own effect when shot; leaves fall from trees; stone shards are thrown from walls; even glass windows shatter. Bullets will seem to pass through thin cover like hay and wooden crates (although this is still only a visual effect). Lots of bullet impacts in the same area will generate a smokey haze.The biggest difference you will see is the hedgerow, which now emits leaves, grass, and dirt instead of the default pieces of dried wood that Gearbox decided on for some reason.Tank round explosions have been enhanced as well. Stone impacts throw stone bricks into the air; shells hitting trees and hedges disperse a ton of leaves.Some of the sound effects for bullet impacts and have been improved, and the volume the sound of near misses is increased.The blood puffs from soldiers getting shot now more closely resemble the "pink mist" effect seen in Saving Private Ryan. They also emit blood if hit by a melee attack. Sometimes you will get some blood on your face from nearby soldiers when they are injured.The shellshock effect is now more prolonged and has a new sound effect as long as you are also using the CommandMod or RealSights. It will also affect you at a greater distance than before, even though you may not get knocked down.The HollywoodFX mutator automatically enables the RealTracers mutator and removes the "warning shot" HUD effect if you are using certain mutators. It also includes the new tracers by jmoney from his Ultimate Realism Mod.Oh, and something... bad... happens when infantry suffer a direct hit from an explosive shell or rocket.Here's some more stuff in this update:

  • Fixed Pickup Panzerfaust Order not working
  • New FIreRate settings in CustomWeapons
  • CombatZone mutator, adding just a few reinforcements to your squad
  • Features the nickel-plated Colt M1911 from Hell's Highway in key cutscenes
  • Some bug fixes

And finally, if you're new to WarZone, here's what it's all about:

  • Command Mod adds more commands to provide more strategic options for defeating the enemy such as a New Command Ring, Smoke Grenades, Easier Targeting in Authentic Mode, Assault Cam, Peek Cam, Fall Back, Widen Formation, Man MG, Pick UpPanzerfaust, Assault Tank, Waypoints, Maneuver Under Cover, Enhanced Cover AI, and Order Grenades
  • Dangerous AI adds movement ability to the enemy. They will now attempt to flank, manuever, and retreat.
  • WarZone brings many more soldiers from both sides into the battle. Fighting is more chaotic and intense.
  • DemonicMP lets you play against (and with!) the computer in Multiplayer. AI Players will fill empty slots in your created server and will work to achieve the objectives for their team just as a human player would.
  • WarZoneMP adds up to 20 more AI-controlled soldiers to Multiplayer battles. Used with DemonicMP, you can enjoy epic Multiplayer battles never seen before in Brothers in Arms.
  • WZGravity changes the physics slightly for projectiles and dead or dying bodies for a more realistic effect.
  • BodyCount keeps dead bodies from vanishing.
  • NoTracers eliminates tracer fire from rifles and submachine guns.
  • NoHUD limits the HUD when in first-person view.
  • CustomWeapons allows you to customize a large variety of settings for each and every weapon in the game.
  • CustomLoadouts gives you the ability to set the weapon inventories for yourself and your squad for each mission.
  • RealSights uses more realistic iron sights motion when aiming

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