Rendroc's WarZone with OnlineRecon for RtH30



someone else, you will receive an immediate message. It also adds a new menu option to make it easier to join.The Mutator uses your saved Username and Password from the last timeyou logged in online for multiplayer. Just play single player after you activate OnlineRecon (see ReadMe if you don't know how to use Mutators). When a non-empty server is online, that does not require a password tojoin, a message will appear that is similar to what you would see in themultiplayer game browser.You can also now access the Multiplayer Online Game browser directly from theSingle Player menu. You don't have to leave your game, which means you can join servers as soon as they appear, and if for some reason the server is no longeravailable, you can return to your Single Player game without interruption. Also includes the latest WarZone, Dangerous AI and Command Mods.WarZone adds up to 14 new soldiers to support your squad during your missions. The German army has also received reinforcements, and you will be facing three times the usual number of enemies.With the Dangerous AI, the Germans will avoid your flanking maneuvers and attempt to flank you themselves. They will retreat when necessary and may use smoke grenades. Get too close without support, and they will assault you.The Command Mod adds Smoke Grenades, more Battle Dialogue, and the ability to order your team to Throw Grenades to the previous versions which included Assaulting Tanks, Maneuver Under Cover, Waypoints, Pickup Panzerfaust, and much more.


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