US Weapons Skins



Are you tired of the stock skins on the American weapons? Do you think they are lacking in perfection? Would you like to go into battle with weapons that are as realistic looking as the settings? Did you answer 'yes' to one...or all of these questions? Then read on...

AOAPitch has sent in what looks to be the best looking skins for the US weapons in Road to Hill 30! These skins are nicely detailed, without going over the top, and they look as they should have when the game was released. Because the detail is cranked way up (256*256 textures to 1024*1024), the only downfall, may be that the performance of some older machines may suffer; (Hopefully, the performance loss will be minimal) For those of you that have a mid-range to high-end rigs will be able to enjoy this download as it should be enjoyed.

Refer to the readme for more information.




This pack contains a reskins for all the common US weapons. The original skins were low detail 256*256 textures. The ones in this pack have been upsized (no 1024*1024) and redetailed.

Because the the new skins are some 30 times bigger on disc than the old ones, you'll notice a bit of performance loss, especially with older systems.


Make a backup of T_View_model_us.utx, found in the following directory.

X:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Gearbox Software\BrothersInArms\Texture

Once done, copy over the supplied T_View_model_us.utx into the \Texture folder.


Simply replace the new T_View_model_us.utx file with the one you backed up during installation.



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