Weapons Skins for RTH30

As requested by a community member when TrollChi released his [url="http://brothersinarms2.filefront.com/file/Weapons_Skins_for_EIB;7...


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As requested by a community member when TrollChi released his Weapons Skins for EIB mod, here is the same mod designed for Road to Hill 30. As with Earned in Blood, TrollChi was not happy with the look of the stock weapons, so he went about giving them a face-lift, making them look fairly new, but with a bit of wear and tear showing.

Now, weather you're playing 'Earned in Blood', or 'Road to Hill 30', no more will you be embarrassed running around the countryside with worn out, scuffed up hand -me-downs...now you can fight the battles with confidence and pride!

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'weapons_skins_rth30.rar' (1.5MB)

Weapons skins for RTH30

I tryed to make the weapons look like they where brand new with a little bit of wear.

How to Install : 

Copy the following files from your RTH30/Textures folder to some place for safe keeping just in case you want to revert back.


Take the files of the same name that I've included and unpack them to your RTH30/Textures folder.  Thats it.  Enjoy!

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