Call of Duty

Experience the cinematic intensity of World War II's epic battles including D-Day, the Russian Charge at Stalingrad and the Battle for Berlin. Together with your squad, take on Nazi forces through a v...

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
CoDWaW Marsh MonKeyPaWs 29.24MB 50
Utah Beach John F Remco 5.91MB 38
CoDWaW Zombie Wars CPTwesley 9.3MB 51
Brax's Zombies Mod Maciusiak 56.58MB 258
Duo Cool 2 Cpt_Cool 6.9MB 39
CoD4 Stalingrad bloodysoldier 29.77MB 108
Wolf3D Sounds m0bileforce 1.12MB 35
CoD4 Invasion EON 8 31.7MB 54
Doom 2 Sounds for CoD m0bileforce 45KB 53
CoD4 Community War Mod Guest 1.17MB 34
War Camo FW-Condor War_Crimes 1.09MB 21
CoD1/UO Nazi Barrels War_Crimes 746KB 26
CoD:WaW: C5 Mod NewfieCrash 3.44MB 69
Ambush MonKeyPaWs 27.98MB 179
Russian Winter Skin sege70 308KB 33
competitionMod England4eva 948KB 52
[-MSO-] Rifles Mod RobFlip 357KB 65
Zombies Mod Maciusiak 37.84MB 315
Brax's Mine Model Maciusiak 175KB 33
CoD:WaW: competitionMod England4eva 814KB 121
CoD:WaW: Ferry's realistic Waffen SS Skins Ferry 11.72MB 363
Snipers! Urded 48.86MB 103
Asus Kitchen Rat ASUS NITRO 2.72MB 109
CoD:WW Competition Mod England4eva 796KB 145
COD:WW Georgian Bay, Canada Blimp01 21.69MB 150
E4E's Bolt Rifle Mod England4eva 26KB 81
Bmod2 - Pistols Mod Maciusiak 135KB 61
Utah Beach John F Remco 6.46MB 105
ammokid's Extreme Blood Mod ammokid 736KB 284
CoD:WaW: Ferry's Scopes V1 Ferry 2.37MB 330
Teddy Model ghostriderjr 49KB 54
CoD:WaW: mp_ratskitchen EON 8 12.52MB 251
CoD:WaW:Ferry's Realistic Wehrmacht Skins Ferry 7.82MB 2468
CoD:WaW: competitionMod England4eva 908KB 520
Chalkpit's CoD/UO Sound Pack ChalkPit 68.6MB 300
No Nade and No pistol p0ody 508KB 68
Knokploeg Sound Mod for CoDWaW Michel S. Boonstra 24.3MB 1198
CoD Realistic MP40 Sound ChalkPit 537KB 133
CoD Realistic Thompson Sound ChalkPit 434KB 135
p0ody's One-Shot Kill p0ody 753B 115
ammokid's Blood Mod ammokid 599KB 324
Fearless' CoD WaW RocketPistols & Fun SP Weapons Mod Fearless 2.24MB 176
ForestGreen's personal CoD file collection, Part Two: Mods ForestGreen 124.29MB 120
ForestGreen's personal CoD file collection, Part One: Maps ForestGreen 248.58MB 213
CoD:WaW: United Nazi Zombie scillman 3.62MB 2840
SPLinT_CeLL's M1 Carbine SPLinT_CeLL 888KB 120
Luca's CoD Sounds Luca 5.1MB 54
Revolt Call Vote Fix PlusIce 6KB 63
RPK Machine Gun AngryPreacher 712KB 144
noobMod datLitch 842KB 64