Call of Duty (DUPLICATE)

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
CoD:WW competitionMod Guest 752KB 175
Call of Duty:World at War No Dust & FX Mod Guest 9KB 866
CompetitionMod Guest 759KB 115
Wunderwaffe for COD (ROCKET MG-42) Guest 24KB 241
Angry Preacher's New Weapons Guest 2.87MB 1,092
AK 47 MOD Guest 66.97MB 674
WWI-Mod Version 3 Final Guest 54.88MB 380
Create-A-Character Guest 1.38MB 1,486
zzzzz_30cal Guest 148KB 108
Rafi's ingame RconTool Guest 58KB 86
BraX's Quake3 Mod Guest 17.34MB 411
Rafi's ingame RconTool V1.1 (Fixed) Guest 59KB 1,256
SubGunners All Weapons Mod Guest 3.73MB 345
Rafi's simple ingame MOD for CoD:UO Guest 26KB 291
Rafi's simple ingame MOD for CoD:UO V1.0 Guest 26KB 94
gsm_assualt_codsp Guest 12.65MB 191
gsm_allweapons_cod_sp Guest 4.52MB 591
Single Image Background Mod Guest 26KB 100
Main Music mod Guest 5.16MB 96
Voice mod Guest 9.77MB 185
Brax Zombie MoD (Edited By L4zY) Guest 20.03MB 4,027
L4zY's Fogger MoD Guest 1.74MB 247
HeadShot Only Guest 849B 431
Browning Hi-Power for COD Guest 1.2MB 403
Svt40 and Gewehr43 for COD 1 Guest 1.83MB 222
No music mod for COD Guest 41KB 119
CoD and CoD:UO Sound-Pack Guest 107.7MB 1,079
CptWesley's Mini-Mod pack Guest 571KB 97
Ammokid's Mod Guest 52.83MB 714
Patton's German-Russian Mod Guest 11.76MB 129
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