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Explore our massive collection of modifications, utilities, maps and skins for the second title in the iconic Call of Duty series, and experience WWII like never before.

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Single-Player Confidential Part 1

Release of Confidential part 1Started as a schoolproject, here comes part 1 of The Confidential Project. In part 1 you jump out of a plane t...


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Sound, Music Medal of honor AA/BT/SH/PA usable weapon sound replacement

Replaced weapon sounds:barbrencal30coltenfieldg43 (rifle+sniper)kar98k (rifle+sniper)lugerm1carbine (*Pacific assault m1 carbine sound)m1gar...


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Multi-Player 'Pijamaninjas| Zombie Mod v2

zombie mod with modern weaponscontact tr1xxy on [email protected] for server,cfg 


Multi-Player Toozi

NEW COD2 MULTIPLAYER MAP : mp_tooziBy Saeed SohrabiGigantic household environmentWinter - Indoor - Large sizeTDM and Deathmatch...


MP Servers Call of Duty 2 - zPAM 3.0 [2019]

Project Ares Mod (PAM), is our CoD league match control mod. It provides greater security and admin control during matches, as well as has m


Maps Podri

NEW COD2 MULTIPLAYER MAPBy Saeed SohrabiFeaturesSTUKA (Ju 87) Dive Bomber AttackDay time - Summer - AfricaTDM and Deathmatch gametypeSpecial...


Maps Doodi

Here's a quite nice map for you named mp_doodiIt supports Deathmatch & Team DeathmatchCheck out the screenshots, Enjoy!By s4ee...


Video CASH

This is a replay / demo file which can be replayed within the game. To replay in the game, save the file in your /demos/ folder and in the c


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Skins German Uniform Skins

Textures from war pictures.


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Models Weapon Model - AK74

Installation: 1. extract zzz_ak74.rar 2. Put zzz_ak74.iwd in main folder or FS_folder


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Mods Graphics Mod

Realistic Bloom & ColorcorrectionNOTE: DISABLE INGAME Anti Aliasing Press Shift + F10 to enable/disable ENBPress PauseBreak to enab...


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Mods better ZOMBIE mod free

mod mod


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Maps 7thZombiePlague

Smoke button for Disco-Openable Doors.-slippery floor-Weapons in secret rooms.-Camp Places And More...


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Mods Nagant M1895 (MP/SP)

This tiny mod will give you the Nagant M1895 revolver. It uses the webley model but sounds like a tt30. It replaces the tt30. Works in mp an...


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Mods Browning Hi-Power (MP/SP)

This little mod will bring you the Browning Hi-Power, also known as the GP1935. It will replace the webley revolver. It has a 13 round magaz...


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Mods AVT40 (MP/SP)

This little mod gives you the AVT40. It fires fully automatic and has a 15 round magazine. It replaces the historically inaccurate pps42. (T...


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Maps Schultz Desert

versionNight come 10mn night 10mn return day 10mn except the SD : \"direct night\".differents objectifs CTF and CD in day or night versionFu...


Maps Zombox

The card approaches for the zom type. There are many secret rooms both with the weapon and without, some floors too!


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Mods Realstic weapon sound fire

cant find good sound or work it!)Have fun guys!


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Maps -|WoW|-Map1

You just need to put this file into your main folder of call of duty 2.this is 1vs1 map for challenges ... don't forget to visit our clan we...


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Mods Wild-West Mod 3.0

released the 2.0 here, but this is the final version.


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Mods Realistic kar98k by Sufian

file to folder \"main\" in cod 2 directory!!to uninstall simply delete the extracted file in your folder \"main\"


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Mods Real mp40 skin

directory to uninstall simply delete the file!! skin:redefined black metal with \"mp40 benz\" TEXT before the iron sight redefined silver ad...


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Mods Some super weapons

This mod changes some weapons to be armor piercing, auto and many more! like the weapons name. Kar98k have been changed to Mauser Karabiner...


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Mods Wrath of Mommy Russia

sides try to survive the Wrath of Mommy Russia.You really should have gotten her that card, comrades.All right, all kidding aside, this...


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Mods Realistic kar98k by sufian

soundnew animation (thanks to my friend mch2207cz)to instal:its simple just extract thw .iwd file to your folder called: \"main\" in cod 2 i...


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Mods Americans in Africa

Americans and tweaked the loadout accordingly.Wasn't able to do anything about the bare armed view model though. But, hey, it's the desert....


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Mods Wild-West Mod

The Wild-West brings an unique experience to YOU!Get ready for this cowboy adventure! YEEEHAAA!Made by Cale, Masterbott and Tally!


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Mods Chicks with Guns

get killed, so I decided to replace one of the Soviet characters with the female character.Thats pretty much it. I hope you enjoy my very me...


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Mods Tank Wars



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Maps \'Redsquare Massacre\'

Frontlines in Stalingrad. Sent in to find a weakness in the Russian lines and to breakthrough to the ferry terminal which is supplying the c...


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Mods A.G.mod

I made this mod because i wanted to improve some features in our loving game :DI made all of this by myself nothing is took from any mod


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Mods HuMans vs Bots!

maps.HuMans vs. Bots is a game mode where you can battle against enemy AI along with your teammates.


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Maps DB Crash

KIND remake from map crash from cod4Instructions: add the file in main folder.. then just add it to your mods maprotation...


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Miscellaneous Custom cod2 models

radiant Key: ModelscaleValue: 2.4Wildcat Plane:Modelname: wildcat_planeResize i...


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Tutorials Best mod rifle&snipe

Description:Snipe Rifle & SD mod finally in public, played on the biggest servers in the world, came the day that you can create your own se...


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Tutorials Cod2 Weapon import tutorial

the tutorial in English in .PDF and .Docx and a word 2003 version. I've also included the viewsleeves files and a xmodelexportwindow fix.I'd...


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Skins bot4 's mp44

use on my server.Use it , or don't...


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Maps MP Valkyr 001

Duty 2main)Support - DM,TDMby Valkyr, 28.08.2006


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Maps The Short Line 2011

This is my first CoD2 map.Inspired by the PS1 game Medal of Honor multiplayer map \"The Short Line\".Supports Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch...


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Maps MP powcamp american

of Duty 2main)by Valkyr, 06.09.2006


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Skins Real mp40 skin

This is a special skin made for all people who love the mp40 enjoy and don't modifyFeatures include:Shiny metal Recoloured wood Added new so...


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Skins Angry Ghoust's_bar_skin

Just a little bleached version of BAR for those people who want they gun to be silver by Angry Ghoust. Made it to look like cod 5 version o...


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Skins kar98k REAL!

hope you enjoy it as much as I.Please give me proper credit when being used in a mod or being edited and re-released, thats all I ask for.He...


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Mods Call of Duty-2 Sound-Pack 2.0 (Single Player Patch)

This patch fixes the issue with the Ai M1-Carbine sound in single player mode. It also updates a few of the other weapon firing and reloadin...


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Maps CURRAHEE! Chelm Night

DM, TDM, CTF, SD, HQWorks With : Extreme mod 2.6 - 2.7


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Maps CURRAHEE! Kemptown

Remake of Moscow (mp_downtown) with some customizations.Supported Gametypes: dm tdm ctf sdMods Compatibility: Extreme 2.6 - 2.7


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Skins Kar98k Snake!

Kar98k SnakeTo Install this skin, place in the\"c:/-program files- Activision -Call of duty 2- main\" [email protected]


Skins Kar98k Celtic design

kar98k Celtic-New Wood-New designsv8hermeticaTo Install this skin, place in the\"c:/-program files- Activision -Call of duty 2- main\" folde...


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Maps CoD2 Green Screen

This map is meant to be used by movie editors, so they can easily record stuff they need and change the background withthe green screen effe...


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Mods Call of Duty-2 Sound-Pack

each weapon which helps represent their real-life counterparts more accurately. See the read-me for all other modifications.


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Maps CURRAHEE! Breach

Remake of CoD5 map Breach with some customizations.Works With Extreme mod 2.6 - 2.7Gametype: DT, TDM, SD, CTF


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Maps CURRAHEE! AfriCarentan

African version of Carentan with some customizations.Supported Gametypes: dm tdm ctf sdWorks With : Extreme 2.6 - 2.7


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Maps CURRAHEE! Carentan Rain

This is the same map of Carentan with the addon of a light rain, cloudy sky and britsh instead of american soldiers.Supported Gametypes: dm...


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Skins Kar98k Real metal

Kar98k Real MetalTo Install this skin, place in the\"c:/-program files- Activision -Call of duty 2- main\" [email protected]


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Maps CURRAHEE! Carentan Night

Night version of Carentan with reversed flags position and British instead of American soldiers.Supported gametypes: dm tdm sd hq ctf.Works...