Battle for Europe CoD1 and CoD2 Tournaments!

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I sometimes get frustrated when such huge statements are sent in for us to post, but this one is absolutely beautifully written! :thumbsup: It even got ME excited for the Battle for Europe tournaments, and I've never even seen one go on live before! I put this in CoD2 news even though it also applies to CoD1 because the new CoD2 tournaments are really what the latest BFE attraction is. ;) Anyway, without further ado, read on! [quote]AS IF BFE:COD DIDN’T ROCK ENOUGH ALREADY!!! For those interested in the absolute BEST online tournament for Call of Duty and now CALL OF DUTY 2, listen up!! You all already know a lot of what makes BFE:COD awesome, but let’s recap: MASSIVE 12 hour long battles on servers with 14 vs. 14 limits, with our servers being based in both North America AND Europe (no more lag for all you European guys and gals! Play on an awesome selection of standard and custom maps so you can be assured that you won’t be playing the same maps over and over. Choose from many nationalities on both sides of the fight from Russians or Germans to Italians, British, and of course Americans. A full sponsorship from MYIS LLC allows us to properly fund our tournament with servers and support, and anyone can have regular contact with the owners! No more of not knowing who’s running the tournament. BFE has a membership boasting over 4000 people from all over the world including Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Korea, America, Australia, Russia, and Britain, and yes, we do have FEMALES in this tournament! Use our organized forum system and Teamspeak server to stay in CONSTANT communication with everyone in the tournament! You’ll never have to pub alone again! We have a FULL rank system: Rise in the ranks from a Private to CinC and lead your army to victory! BFE has many helpful organizations in and out of tournament; examples include: Join the Advertising Team and help get word out about us, become a Server Administrator, or help the new guys in the New Player Assistors! Do you need anything more?!?! Of COURSE you do! BFE was awesome before with CoD1, but now jump on the wagon to CoD2!!! Every week we have 3 battle days, 2 of which center around CoD2, and the other one to focus on CoD1! Have an Apple computer? Don’t worry! We can get you playing CoD1 with all of us! Computer not up to snuff for CoD2? Hakuna Matata! We will have plenty of practices, battles, and pub nights for CoD1 to keep you more than in the mainstream! Don’t mess around with unestablished tournaments with unknown sponsors and barely any organization! Come join the LARGEST, most ORGANIZED, and LONGEST RUNNING tournament around! With the best support and most members, you can be sure that you’ll always have the support you need from the tournament! No need to worry about things falling apart because of lack of organization, or never being able to find anyone to play with, BFE has you covered! So what are you waiting for?!? Europe is being fought for and you’re on the sidelines! Get in there, solider! Registration for the new BFE Campaign starts in less than 2 weeks! Be ready, soldiers! Campaigns last for 6-8 weeks, and you can register at ANY point in the campaign, so all those getting CoD2 for Christmas, come join up now and we’ll have a spot waiting for you! [url]http://www.bfecod.com/[/url] [url]http://www.bfecod.com/forums/index.php[/url][/quote]

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