BFE Campaign 17

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The German Regiments Led into battle by their Gfm Mounty are bound to be seeking revenge after being humiliated in the past 4 campaigns against their allied opposition and one of their many blood thirsty Soldiers will be Their General Galactus who saw his brave 246 Division fall at the hands of the ruthless allied soldiers last campaign he was eventually found defeated back at the headquarters and nobody could comfort him not even his closest friends! He had led his men to death and that was not something he took lightly lets see if this time his fortunes are any better. Up against the Axis will be Slayer and his right hand man Auto trying to gather a forth win on the trot for the allies and march his 4th Infantry Division Led by the esteemed veterans of the 801st Tank destroyers. Can Slayer keep the ball rolling through out the next few ferocious months or will they falter and stutter when faced by the blood thirsty Axis Seeking revenge for their fallen Comrades. Stay tuned to find out! This Rivalry will come to a peak when the two sides meet at the first battle on 26th September who will be the victors? Will the German lines break through once again and press onwards to London and Edinburgh? Will the Allies enter this war and be home by Christmas after helping move Slayer’s drinks cabinet into the lounge of the Adlon Kempinski hotel while Auto celebrates inside the Reichstag? It will all be decided by the determination of the soldiers, the sheer stubbornness of the generals and the never die attitude every last one of them has. Which side will you fight for, find out tomorrow as registration opens at 10pm GMT (5pm EST)
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