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Battle for Europe (BFE), Call of Duty’s #1 tournament has finally finished its 16th Campaign. It was a very long road for the axis and allies with an amazing amount of territory changing and epic battles. BFE itself went under many changes, including reconstruction of how its news system works and finally putting into action the 24 Hour Battle. The beginning of the campaign started out great for the allies with little interference from the axis. It was said to be a “walk on water.” This only made the axis band together and learn how to fight as a group and not as individuals as you find in many public servers. The allies deployed their strategies, but soon it was evident that these strategies would be no use. The axis slowly worked their way up from an amazing loss of territory to an amazing gain of territory. This was the first time that the axis have come back from such a loss and ended up not loosing! Because of the axis perseverance they managed to tie up the campaign and hold onto it. Campaign 16 ended in a tie. The first ever in BFE history. As stated above BFE went into reconstruction within how news is reported to inform the troops and anyone else checking in on the tournament. The Administration has been working very hard to keep everyone informed about BFE and have added many key features. The Home Page now includes a ticker at the top with all the latest news and along with that three new sections have been added within the Main Page News forum. An American and German magazine are the first of the two new features you can notice there. One more section is something that could be very important for all of our Affiliates. It is a section just for news about our Affiliates to be posted. This campaign a BFE podcast team was started and just recently released the first podcast. The podcasts can be found at . This is an awesome new way for us to get our news out! In this campaign we also conducted our first 24 Hour Battle which was a huge success for us. We had great attendance at normal peak hours and continued to have good attendance throughout the battle. We even had several members play the entire 24 hours. We hope to have more 24 Hour Battles in future campaigns and continue having great success with them. As you can see this campaign has been a very busy, but very amazing campaign for all involved with BFE. The success of this tournament is because of the amazing admins and members of BFE and also because of the solid support we get from all of our associates. If you ever want to help with anything in BFE please message our main admin DJ. We would love to have your participation within BFE! Registration for BFE 17 is set to open within the next week, a new campaign with new officers, regiments and maps, so stay tuned for more info!
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