Campaign 6, Tour Of Duty 2

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Announcement for the COD2 Players
Breaking Point: A CoD2 Tournament | http://www.bpcod2.com

What is Breaking Point?
Breaking Point is an Axis vs Allied Tournament where each side fight in a campaign.

Tour Of Duty
A Tour Of Duty is a soldiers commitment to fight for a side for 9 weeks. A Tour Of Duty takes place in a war theater. Europe is divided into 3 war theaters and each side will fight in each theater for control of it. The side that secures best of 3 theaters wins the campaign and the war.

Campaign 6, Tour Of Duty 2
The Allies captured the North African Theater in Tour Of Duty 1 and are 1 step closer to winning Campaign 6. There eyes are set on Western Europe.

The Allied 6th Russian Orlovski Rifle Division will lead the Allies into Western Europe and in hopes of liberating it. But they will have to go thru The Axis 19th German Panzer Wehrmacht Division, who have plans to expand the Axis Empire.

Its going to be another great intense competition to win this theater.

What's the schedule?
Battles take place every Thursdays and Sundays which is 5 battles a week and 45 battles in total in the tour.

BPCOD2 Community
Our main focus is the community first and creating a fun, fair, and mature environment for players to play in. We had over 300+ players play last tour of duty so we hope newcomers have a great experience.

Come check us out if your interested. Register on the forums and then click on the sign up.

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Thank you for your time CODFILES!

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