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Attention Soldiers, Battle for Europe as started, and the battles are underway with immense pressure against the Axis forces, the 2nd Panzerkorps lead by General Galactus. Allied heavy artillery units and tank busters move into France and push inland into German Occupied Territory. Allied Chief in Command, Slayer, provides accurate directions and fire support for the allied units, consisting of the 19th Anti-Tank Infantry Regiment, 8th Royal Grenadier Guards Regiment & the 64th Motorised Regiment. A Sergeant in the Royal Anti-Tank Infantry regiment, shows how life can be during hard times fighting against the Axis occupied territorys. A few weeks into the campaign, NCO's have been appointed for all regiments, and the Allied side are starting to take shape; Sgt.Tribute, 19th RTI From what I can see so far the 19th are working relatively well together, there is however a lot they could improve on. I’ve witnessed players die and type something in team say with out saying anything about where they died and where the axis players are and their numbers. Still it’s not all negative, for instance the more experienced players of BFE like myself, and to name a few, nDz, Pavlov, Lightning all know how to handle them selves and situations. This isn’t always communication but being able to control the 19th players that are getting a little agitated when they’ve died or something to that extent. The 19th have got some good players, which is always nice when some one needs a little help settling in to the whole BFE experience. It’s not an official but it’s not public either, there needs to be a little courtesy when playing BFE. This is on TS and off, being able to keep noise down to a minimum let’s the 19th play to their full extent. Also because the 19th has some experienced BFE players it means that they can dish out tactics for maps they have played in the past, which always helps scrape a few more rounds out of the whole thing. The LtCol and 1Lt’s are handling things well, when some thing needs to happen they make it so. Not only in keeping things from becoming out of control but being able to take out a few badies here and there. They manage to keep it fun instead of loud, tedious and aggravating. Which when playing 6 hours or the full 12 if you can spare the time, can get annoying when you have people whining. I’m happy to say from what I can see there is very little whining. Sergeant Tribute, 19th ATRI . Signing out. Before you are planning to take your gear and join the fight, a short, basic training is required: The battles are played by 14 players on each team MAX. The weapons are limited and the maps are, mostly, custom made. Note that we love to have some new mappers and modders in our community, since we have got room for every need! There are soldiers, who show themselves worthy to the Battle for Europe community, by helping devoleping it. You have got the New Player Assistents, the Mapping Council, the Mapping Team, the Graphics Team, the Recruiting Corps, the Modding Team and the Signal Corps. Join one of them and help the BFE community grow towards the top! Back to the battles, the battles are played in 2 halfs. An Europian half (EU half) and a American half (NA, US half). Each half takes 6 hours, divided in 3 maps, switching every 2 hours. The battles take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 4PM GMT, 11 EST, break starts 11PM GMT, 5PM EST, and US, NA half starts 0AM GMT, 6PM EST, and ends 5AM GMT, 0AM EST. Anymore questions? Visit , register, and the BFE community will welcome you with open arms, ready answer your questions!
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