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Published by Ronnie 14 years ago , last updated 1 year ago
Q&A on Totalvideogames here's a little snippet
WW2 is a popular theme throughout videogames, however the original Call of Duty managed to rise up amongst the deluge of competition and rightfully took its place at the top; so when it came to developing a sequel what were some of the main issues and design objectives in regards to the predecessor have been undertaken during the development of CoD2? Call of Duty 2: Click for screenshotsCall of Duty 2 goes beyond the first game with a brand new graphics engine, non-linear storylines and open gameplay with multiple objectives and paths per level. The AI is much more advanced, integrated with our Battle Chatter system that delivers the experience of World War II combat as never seen before in a game. Also, there are more levels than in the original, and they are larger with multiple paths and objectives. The standard of action shooter games is at a very high level, so is it about creating more detail within a game, being innovative or adding more atmosphere - how do you work out a priority list? Our goal with Call of Duty 2 has always been to create the most epic and intense action game ever. What makes it epic and intense? That’s a difficult question. I’d suggest that it comes with a balance of realistic graphics, character animations, smoke and particle effects, Battle Chatter, enemy AI and massive gritty scenario scenes with tanks, artillery, rolling smoke and so forth. As for priority, we started with a general vision of what we could fit into our new engine and worked from there.
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