CoD2 Interview with Grant Collier

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Published by xXezekielXx 13 years ago , last updated 1 year ago had the opportunity to interview Grant Collier, President of Infinity Ward. Read my favorite excerpt from the interview below, and click here to see the whole thing! ;)
Eurogamer: You mentioned that you're no longer using the same engine. What made you decide to create something yourselves? Grant Collier: When we started designing CoD2, we tasked the designers with taking the experience to the next level. They came back to us saying, "We're going to do non-linear gameplay." We said, "Hey, great idea," and set out to see how we could make the game, and realised that we couldn't use any of the stuff that we'd used before. It was worthless. Before, we always knew where the player was going to be, and there were never going to be any enemies behind you. You followed a little path, and maybe it was a great ride, but the AI always knew where you were, would always point their gun in a certain direction, and certainly didn't need to be as smart as they are now. Eurogamer: They seemed a lot cleverer. We were quite thrown when they started playing tricks on us. Grant Collier: Now they have vision cones and hearing ranges - they're very autonomous. They have extensive knowledge of what can be used as cover, what the level layout is - they need to know everything about the level when they're moving around. When you're attacking the Germans, and they're pressed, they'll fall back and retreat. Then they'll try to set up ambushes. When they move around to flank you, if they come across other friendlies they'll tag them and bring them with. Once they find you, they'll relay that information to their fellow soldiers. If you speak German, you'll hear them say, "They're over here, let's flank them."
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