Game Club Central review of Call Of Duty 2

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[url="Game Club Central"]Game Club Central[/url] have posted a short review of Call of Duty 2, take a look at this extract: [quote]Let me tell you what's good and what’s not good about the game. The graphics of COD2 are enhanced (not revolutionary) and the detail this time around is staggering. When you actually have a chance to look around it’s a real treat. From lazily falling snow, the straps holding a English soldier’s canteen in place to the billowing clouds of what has to be the best smoke effects I’ve seen to date, all of it paints an impressive level of detail you don’t see in any other game out there. Take a screenshot of some of the smoke grenades/explosions and look at one of the black and white photos covering the war and you’ll see its pretty damn close. ScreenshotSound which played an important part in the first is back in its entire mind numbing cacophony ranging from various barrages of gunfire to the frenzied shouts and screams of soldiers on both sides of the conflict. No real changes here but its just as effective as its predecessor. New campaigns featuring the North African Campaign against Rommel, the urban street fighting of Moscow, and the ever popular D-Day invasion(a different beach though!) offer realistic snapshots of the fighting you get to participate in. War is Hell and there’s plenty of variety for you to sample.[/quote] To read the full review please visit Game Club Central by clicking [url="http://www.gameclubcentral.com/modules.php?name=GCCReviews&d_op=viewdownloaddetails&lid=240&ttitle=Call%20of%20Duty%202"]here[/url].

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