German Front Mod Trailer Released!

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Looks like the people at GFM have been busy. They have released a new video and are looking for some voice actors. Go ahead and give it a shot. Who knows? You might get the part. ;) [quote]We have been silent about the German Front Mod for a long time. We weren't happy about the progression from COD:UO to COD2, so the possibility of us making a great multiplayer GFM were very limited. Also, using COD4 was unacceptable as the base of our Modification because of it's modern setting. Unfortunately, we also had problems with our host and couldn't release news on our page. But we haven't spent our time idly! Our small, dedicated team has been working on future plans and the community shouldn't forget us just yet. As such, I am proud to announce that a part of our Single Player project is finished after a long wait! Mission2: Cauquigny is ready to be released but we do need your help. To achieve a mission of the highest quality we are searching for motivated voice actors for three German Characters and an English Documentary-intro speaker. If you'd like to apply please send mail to mailto:[email protected] Please add a audio file with an example of your work or your spoken take on the phrase: "June 6th 1944. Day of the allied invasion in northern France." And for you German speakers your version of: "Jawohl Herr Leutnant, ich habe Befehle alle versprengten Einheiten einzusammeln und unsere Truppen in Amfreville zu unterstützen." Note: For a more authentic atmosphere we decided to make the Character voices in German. Subtitles and texts will be in English. Enough said, pictures are worth a thousand words. Take a look at our small trailer that shows you what you can expect at the Normandy front! [url]http://files.filefront.com/gfm+trailer08zip/;12250737;/fileinfo.html[/url] There is also a lower quality version at youtube [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lug9EspfZyI[/url] We are always grateful for another host! :)[/quote]

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