German Front Mod Update + 13 Screenshots

By xXezekielXx 16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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The German Front Mod developers always produce outstanding updates on their progress, and today is no different, although this is of a different sort of progress. I won't bore you with my take on the whole thing, but since the closing of the D-Day on Sword mod, GFM picked up three of its former members; this post is dedicated to showcasing some of their previous work for DDoS, work that will be available in the upcoming GFM. :) Read the news below, check out the screenshots, and welcome the new members of the GFM team! [quote]We hadn’t planned on releasing any more news so soon after our last installment. But, we have to announce some news, good and bad, today. For the past week or so, I've had a running conversation with the "D-Day on Sword" team and, to make it short, the mod is pretty much dead. It’s a shame that this mod, likes so many others before it, meets the same fate but a lot of devs have drifted away during the last month or so, a few due to waning interest in CoD2 anymore and others, for whatever reason, have joined other mods. Sad to say, but GFM knows all these problems too. We have also lost developers in the past and we still find fault with a few things about CoD2. In particular, we miss a lot of things which were already included in UO. Even so, we see a positive future for GFM because we have learned to live and work with the advantages and the disadvantages of CoD2. We have a tremendous motivation sparked by what we have done so far and a desire to see the hard work turn into something valued by the community. We have been concerned about the future of DDoS because we've been impressed with their work to date. As a result, we've looked for a way to help them and we've had many discussions among the members of our own team. At last, the remaining members of DDoS and the members of our team came to the decision to merge our efforts and to bring the DDoS team into GFM. Again, it’s a shame to lose another CoD2 modification but we are happy that we can give cOsi, Dibbes65 and El Tyranos a new home. Also their wonderful maps will not get lost, they will be released with GFM2. Let me show you a few of the maps to give you all a first impression of their fantastic work. [b]Bavent: [screenshot 1] Colleville: [screenshots 2-5] Hermanville: [screenshots 6-11] Ouistreham: [screenshots 12-13][/b] We hope that all 3 will like being part of GFM and will finally find a new home here. We can’t wait to work with them and to see their next projects. I also want to tell you that an additional mapper of the Anarchic-X gaming community has joined the team (Private Fullwood) and that gitman, the brain and developer of Anarchic-Mod, also will be joining GFM and at least taking an advisory/consultatnt role in different areas. His long time knowledge of modding and server administration will surely be invaluable for us. That’s all for now, Take care, GER-Iceman[/quote] -xXezekielXx

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