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Announcement for the COD2 & COD4 Players
Breaking Point: A CoD2 Tournament -
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What is Breaking Point COD2?
BPCOD2 is an Axis vs Allied WW2 Tournament where both sides fight in a Campaign. A campaign takes place in the Western European, Eastern European, and the North African Theater. Europe is divided into 3 war theaters and each side will fight in each theater for control of it. The side that secures best of 3 theaters wins the campaign and the war.

Tour Of Duty
A Tour Of Duty is a soldiers commitment to fight for a side for 8 weeks in 1 of the 3 theaters.

Campaign 7, Tour Of Duty 1
We have started a fresh new campaign and its taking place in the North African Theater. The Allied Division leading the charge this tour are the US 4th Marine Division. The Axis Division that will face them are the Italian 153rd Macerata Division. Both sides have strong Officer lineups this tour and its going to be a very close game.

What's the schedule?
Battles take place every Thursdays and Sundays. You play as much as you want.

BPCOD2 Community
Our main focus is the community first and creating a fun, fair, and mature environment for players to play in. We had over 300+ players play last tour of duty so we hope newcomers have a great experience.

Come check us out if your interested. Register on the forums and then click on the sign up.

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Hold The Line Video
Apocalypse Now: London Video

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BPCOD4: Global Conflict -
Its coming soon! We are working hard to bring you something you have never experienced before in gaming. Forget what you know about tournament gameplay and prepare to be blown away in COD4. You are about to enter a world in conflict and its survival of the fittest.

Its 2 minutes to midnight.. what side are you on? and what are you going to do?

Thank you CODFILES!

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