RotM in Need of Testers

By xXezekielXx 16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Here's a call for help to test the latest [3rd ID] Rock of the Marne mod on their server. Read on below for the details... -xXezekielXx
Rock of the Marne is a mod developed for and by [3rd ID] members for use on the [3rd ID] server. The mod has been in the works on and off for over a year now and requires final testing and bug fixing. The mod features portable machine guns, medics, weapon jamming, weapon sway, skins, sounds, and much more. Help us out by coming to the [3rd ID] server at IP: Post any suggestions or bugs you find in the mod sub-forum at [url="http://www.3rd-infantry-division.net/"][b]www.3rd-Infantry-Division.net[/b][/url]. Thank you for any and all support. *The mod has had several changes and added features from various sources throughout the community. Some sources are not credited due to loss of information on our website. If you deserve credit for a part of the mod please let us know.

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