Star Wars: Rise of the Empire Needs Help

By xXezekielXx 16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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The Star Wars mod needs pretty much everything given to them because thus far, they have nothing, as you'll see in the following post. I usually edit these quotes to the benefit of the speaker, but today I'm not feeling it. :) Just read it below, and do your best to stomach it all. -xXezekielXx [quote]Hello Everyone, The Star Wars Rise Of The Empire Mod for Cod 2 is in need of alot of help and is willing to make and complete a demo by the end of the year briefly only that we cannot import lightsabers into the game just yet. We will when the full public beta is released and we are going to import some new vehicles into the demo and only to achive to make all of this we will need the following: Moddelers:3 Mappers:8 Skinners:6 Scripters:5 Artists/Textures:2 Webhosts:2 (For website and a Forum) Finaly we shall use the Trade Federation Ship as a demo level along with The Battle Of Hajim (a multiplayer map with vehicles). All of the work shall be free to all as usual and shall be well looked into the story line of Star Wars Yours Sincerly zZFlameZz - Administartor Of The Star Wars Mod For Cod 2.[/quote]

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