The WCP Mod Team Wants You!

15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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WiCoPP, the maker of the WCP mod for CoD2 is looking for some helpers, read on to find out how you can help. [quote] Hello everybody, I am WiCoPP aka WCP, the creator of the well known WCP Mod for Call of Duty 2 Single Player. I have a request/suggestion to all people still sitting on stuff made for Call of Duty 2. If you have models(SP AI models,helmets,hats,weapons,etc),skins,single player maps or some good sound stuff for Call of Duty 2 and you would like me to make it a part of a (true!)final release of the WCP Mod for Call of Duty 2,please send it to me. I am referring especially to people who have been working on large,cancelled mods for Call of Duty 2.Dont let that stuff get wasted!Please send it to me!But also everybody else can send me stuff if he/she thinks its good enough to be a part of the mod. Ofcourse I will test and rate items if they are good/functional enough to be a part of the mod. Nevertheless,as the mod is now,you would already be blown away,again but I can and want to make it even more hardcore and historic as I can.So dont hold back and send me your stuff. Entries will be credited as I have always done. Dont take the trouble to send me stuff thats already posted on the internet,just send me a link along with some info and your name,that will do. Oh and no crazy requests,please. Send stuff to the following e-mail adress: wcp75mod -at - gmail -dot- com Cya, WCP.[/quote]

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