Unbound Forces Update + 12 Screenshots

By xXezekielXx 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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JDawgg and CoDHQ have brought us this media update for the upcoming Unbound Forces mod for Call of Duty 2. Check out the statement below, see the screenshots, and join the team today! ;) [quote][url="http://www.unboundforces.com/"]Unbound Forces[/url] has been a little quiet on the update front lately. We've been extremely busy both with real life obligations, and with development. Two members have had new babies, I've gotten a new job; lots has transpired. Fortunately for you, we now have our February media release ready! Below are the screenshots I hope will speak for themselves. I want to preface the CCTV picture with a brief explanation... You walk up to a terminal, you press the "use" key, and you are then able to cycle through any number of surveillance cameras... [b][screenshots 1-12][/b] So as you can see, we have our Mercenary character model ready to be skinned and animated. Then it's in-game and we're half way to having a release-capable mod! If you think about it, we got enough weapons, enough maps, and enough sounds and a gametype... If we only get rid of these stinkin' WW2 models we've got ourselves a mod! Also featured above is the new Stingray sniper rifle, 2 brand-new maps "UF_Lockup" and "UF_Subway" which are looking absolutely stunning. Also pictured is "UF_Office" which AmishThunder has perfected and implemented our [b]Operation[/b] gametype into. Finally, I'd like to refer you to my [url="http://www.unboundforces.com/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=474"]Developer Journal[/url] where you can read exactly what is in the mod so far, and what we need before we are release-capable. So be sure to check that out for a good read! Also note: [b]we are looking for modelers and skinners[/b] and pretty much any other discipline as well. We have an elite team of talented developers, but we need more if we are going to release and support the release with content patches and bug fixes. So please, if interested, [url="http://www.unboundforces.com/Forums/viewforum.php?f=8"]apply[/url]![/quote] -xXezekielXx

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