Call of Duty 2

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Tridon's Scoped Gewehr 43 Mod Tridon 15KB 1,979
BJustReal CoD2 Realism Bjusterbaarlik 150KB 915
CoD2 Mortars and Voices for MeatBot DeekCiti and ASDFG 1001KB 1,597
Bully's Enfield for Americans 13|Bullyson 8KB 1,098
Bolt-Rifle Mod [COF]DaniFilth 18KB 858
EC Rifles Mod: CoD2 Bruno Gesche 120KB 3,256
CoD2 MP Message Generator RudeDog 48KB 8,094
EC Rifles Mod: CoD2 Bruno Gesche 978KB 1,153
Caveman's No PPSH Mod Caveman 2KB 323
AdmiralMOD Matthias Lorenz 80KB 14,687
Scoped G43 for CoD2 MP Johny KCZ 9KB 3,246
Zeke's New Weapons Mod xXezekielXx 19KB 3,567
Russian Map Mod Rimshot 3KB 939
Caveman's Static Crosshair Mod Caveman 39KB 7,404
MP Shellshock Disable Rimshot 829B 490
BFD KillCam Time Limit SoCo11 2KB 786
Bolt-Rifle Mod [COF]DaniFilth 18KB 1,343
MP Machine Gun Remover Bruno Gesche 51KB 844
RAIDERS RCMoDV2 Mike Nomad 250KB 3,267
Name Copy Protector Trydaljr 8KB 1,075
Bolt-Rifle Mod [COF]DaniFilth 19KB 2,117
Bjuster's Taunts Bjusterbaarlik 18KB 4,405
eXtreme+ Astoroth 338KB 8,985
Splatter Gun greasersnoopy 274KB 1,366
Outc/|st's CoD2 Excessive Mod Outc/|st 86KB 1,422
Even SMG CoD2 greasersnoopy 14KB 384
Balanced SMG Only Mod for COD2 Tally 510KB 989
Additional War Effects Bell 384KB 6,377
Officerpuppy's MP Model Ports Officerpuppy 11KB 230
Additional War Effects Bell 389KB 4,354
Static-Scope Snipers-Only Mod for CoD2 Tally 157KB 1,560
Officerpuppy's MP Model Ports Officerpuppy 12KB 834
No Shotgun Mod Lasticot 27KB 67
Tally's MP Bot Mod Tally 49KB 89,585
BJustReal CoD2 Realism Bjusterbaarlik 157KB 1,398
No Shotgun Mod Lasticot 25KB 589
No Shotgun + Scoped G43 Mod Lasticot 22KB 730
Static-Scope Snipers-Only Mod for CoD2 Tally 4.77MB 3,100
Scoped G43 Mod Lasticot 16KB 1,118
CTF Point Mod Lasticot 9KB 394
Super Headshot Mod Moffia 47KB 1,758
Wolfsbane's CoD2 Realism Mod Wolfsbane 208KB 3,792
|ID|TopGun|Co's All Weapons Mod |ID|TopGun|Co 21KB 1,116
|ID|TopGun|Co's All Weapons Mod |ID|TopGun|Co 97KB 635
|ID|TopGun|Co's All Weapons Mod |ID|TopGun|Co 48KB 282
Additional War Effects Bell 303KB 9,151
Shot Details Mod Vector Akashi 81KB 3,571
ZoomInstaGib Mod Vector Akashi 118KB 1,157
JBD's Weapon Mod JBD 3.44MB 151
JBD's Weapon Mod JBD 3.44MB 1,007