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All Files In Call of Duty 2 Single-Player
Single-Player CoD2 Panzerschreck Mod

Here's a funny new mod by Rybí Potìr CZ that might help you get some more excitement out of CoD2SP. :) The mod allows you to pick whether y...


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Single-Player Grzeznik's Weapon Mod

Here's a weapon mod for CoD2 single-player by a new developer in the database known as Grzeznik (wish I could pronounce that name :P ). Th...


Single-Player Save And Load Menu

Forget save-points! Now you can save your game any time any where! Now you can load you selected save from Saves menu! I hope you like it :D


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Single-Player Thepersonofa's Game Mod

This is my other version of thepersonofa's mod. Sorry music not included but i have fixed the weapon scripting at least.


Single-Player Kraddy's SP Wehrmacht Mod

this mod gives you the chance to fight for the German Wehrmacht, so against the "Evil" Allies (Bolsheviks, Tommis and Amis).


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Single-Player NPC Name and Rank Mod

Tired of seeing the same names and ranks over and over? Well how does an additional 525 American, 540 British, and 234 Russian bundle of nam...


Single-Player Ammokid's Addon for Merciless Matador

WARNING: This mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age. Here...


Single-Player Sp boomsticks

Pvtherman is back with a somewhat 'partial' update to his Singleplayer Boomstick mod. This update features AI that will actually use the sho...


Single-Player Full-Auto SP Boomstick

This mod simply replaces your M1 Carbine in CoD2 single-player with a fully automatic M1897 Trench Gun. Blast away.


Single-Player Confidential Part 1

Release of Confidential part 1Started as a schoolproject, here comes part 1 of The Confidential Project. In part 1 you jump out of a plane t...