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Skin Packs Grievers Monster Weapons Skinpack for COD2

new skins for the following weapons. BAR, enfield, garand, mp44, mosin nagant, ppsh, webley, kar98, and thompson


Skin Packs Zombie Skins!

Zombie Skins from Half Life 2! Enjoy (NOT my work) These skins are also from Counter Strike - just converted yet not as greater detail...


Skin Packs 2nd SS Division Vehicle Skin Pack

Here's a nice new vehicle skin pack for CoD2 that features new historically accurate skins for the Normandy campaign. Check them out in the...


Skin Packs New Wood Pack V.2

7heJoker brings us this new skin pack which has updates to two guns: the Thompson and the Kar98k. It provides both with new wood, and the Th...


Skin Packs New Wood Pack

This is a new skin pack made by 7heJoker. It offers new wood for the Kar98k, Thompson, and the Lee-Enfield.