Call of Duty 2

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
supajoe's Convenience Mod supajoe 15KB 192
Beam Tracer Mod Vector Akashi 19KB 3,700
Mom's Weapon Fixes Your_Mom_ISS 16KB 306
Notsafeforwork's M2 Carbine Notsafeforwork 498KB 757
Chain's Auto-Schreck Chain 16KB 1,590
Cookable Nades for CoD2 Demo Ciderman 5KB 1,166
30-Round Thompson Clip Moffia 4KB 3,578
CoD2 Cookable MP Grenades [ELS]WRX Boy 6KB 5,687
CoD2 Cookable SP Grenades [ELS]WRX Boy 12KB 4,309
M1 Garand Balance Mod -aR Starkasm- 2KB 823
30-Round MP Thompson Patriote 3KB 5,643
Dale's CoD2 Colored Smoke Mod -|GA|- Dale 19KB 6,760
Potent Potatoes Burnard 2KB 852
CoD2 MP Grenade Cooking Killersniper 8KB 2,520
BFD Weapons Realism SoCo11 478KB 1,656
BFD Weapons Realism SoCo11 60KB 2,028
Chain's Weapon Mod Chain 808KB 3,343
FL Server Weapon Balance Mod Hynkel 39KB 408
WCP Tracer Mod WiCoPP 7KB 1,500
Bully's MP44 13|Bullyson 166KB 1,969
CoD2 Weapons Realism Robbie and Skyline 70KB 2,849
Slug Gun greasersnoopy 10KB 1,053
CoD2 Weapon Names Realism {ReVo}TheGunnerySergeant[T] 3KB 1,175
Weapon and Menu Rewording {ReVo}TheGunnerySergeant[T] 16KB 1,208
Nade Strategy Mod HomieJay 11KB 451
Nade Strategy Mod HomieJay 10KB 977
Rimshot's SMG Balance Mod Rimshot 14KB 211
Silenced Sten Mod Rimshot 62KB 1,459
Realism fo' REEL Burnard 84KB 1,066
ZoomInstaGib Mod Vector Akashi 14KB 315
Panzerschreck Mod Rimshot 2KB 3,010
Civil War Weapons Burnard 527KB 2,267
Crazy Potato Grenade Mod Vector Akashi 15KB 2,178
CoD2SP 30-Round Thompson Snafu7 3KB 1,998
Crispus222's Potato Grenades Crispus222 4KB 663
CoD2 Auto Pistols Mod CloneTrooperDelta985 30KB 2,150
Fun Pistols for CoD2 Rimshot 18KB 248
Fun Pistols for CoD2 Rimshot 18KB 1,755
Tim451's Full British Weapon Mod Tim451 2.77MB 1,523
Sniped Pack Munkkilla 6KB 1,553
Diatonic's BAR Clip Mod Diatonic 4KB 1,205
Scoped Thompson Mod Munkkilla 2KB 2,226
Tim451's Realistic M1 Garand Mod Tim451 1.87MB 1,184
The Art of Warfare Mod Lipoff 2.17MB 1,389
Scoped M1 Garand TheJWForce 4KB 2,196
Panzerfield Killah65 and Recon 3KB 812
Super Shotgun Bjusterbaarlik 3KB 3,008
UNrealism Mod CloneTrooperDelta985 93KB 967
MMS Melee Mod Mr_Mighty_Muffin 45KB 286
Chain's Gunz Chain 68KB 921