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Here's a pretty extensive new compilation of mods by Herz, who admits he can't mod the game but rather got consent from the original autho...


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Here's a pretty extensive new compilation of mods by Herz, who admits he can't mod the game but rather got consent from the original authors to use all their work in one big pack. There's no shame in that when you've gone into detail like this. :) This fifty-something-megabyte pack of mods includes everything from Super Mario's custom SFX to the skins of many of our favorites (Ferry, KnifeInFace, etc.), as well as Bjuster's Taunts and sounds from JSlavenburg's MoH Sound Mod and KnokPloeg's, too, which received much attention. Surely, if you've kept up with the community, you've seen all these major releases before but never all of them together like this. ;) Just keep reading on below for a look at the full list of goodies in the ReadMe, check out the screenshots, and download the 1st Fallschirmjager Regiment Mod Pack today! :D


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Download '1fjr_mod.zip' (56.92MB)

-------1st Fallschirmjager Regiment modpack-------


This is what my unit, the 1st Fallschirmjager Regiment (|1.FJR|) uses on our server. I put this together through many late nights up to 7 AM without any sleep. I'm dedicated to this stuff! :P  I'm always looking to update and make our server more realistic. If you don't believe me, ask any 1.FJR member. :D I use various files from CoDfiles with the makers' consent (see credits below).  After receiving many good responses from this mod by people playing on our server, I've decided to release this to the world and see how it does. :D  This modpack uses custom SFX, sounds, scope overlays, taunts and skins.  Since the |1.FJR| is a Tactical Realism unit, I focus on making our mod to be as realistic as possible with good overall gameplay. If you want a good, realistic look and feel, this is the mod for you! 

*NOTE this only changes the game look and feel, it does not actually mod the gmae/server. If you'd like to use a good realism mod, we use the latest version of WRM.  This can be found on the 1st SF/SS forums listed below in the Links section. 

If this does become popular or used at all, I will release future updates and other features our server uses.


There are two places you could put this, but I recommand the first one using the fs_game folder.

1. Place this .iwd into your fs_game folder. (RECOMMENDED!!)
*NOTE This is the easiest way to get everything working without turning pure off of your server.

2. Place this .iwd into your main folder.
*NOTE if you use this method, the taunts will not work!

To uninstall, simply delete the file.

If you do not like the custom sound mod included, simply delete the sound directory.

If you'd like to know how to delete anything else, contact me.

You may visit our server to test it.



Since I cannot mod the game, I dearly thank all of these for their contributions to the CoD2 community.  I've asked all of these authors in advance for me to use and post their products in a different product.

- Super Mario's SFX makeover mod (http://funzoneclan.com)
- Ferry's 101st Airborne skins and Afrika Korps skins ([email protected])
- KnifeInFace's Kar98k skin, Luger skin, Colt skin, and Fallschirmjager skin (http://www.kif-studios.uni.cc)
- Arthur Vince's Normandy 1944 German Vehicle and British Commando skins ([email protected])
- BuckDich's MP40 skin, BAR skin, and Greasegun skin (www.bnpk1314.com)
- Bjuster's Taunts (http://bjusterbaarlik.googlepages.com/bjuster'staunts)
- JSlavenburg's MOH Sound Modification ([email protected])
- KnokPloeg's Sound Modification ([email protected])
- Antare's M1 Carbine skin ([email protected])
- Namphibian's Tan Lee-Enfield ([email protected])

These are only the ones I can remember/find.  I dug into the mod to make sure I got everyone, but I'm sure I left someone out.  If I used your mod/sound/SFX/whatever, let me know and I will give you credit the next release.


Feel free to put this on your server and pass this around to other people/units/clans! Although, keep in mind this is not my work.  This is other people's work and if you use to use their mod seperately, ask them first, give credit where it's due, then find the file on CoDfiles.com :) 


AIM: mewiithoutYOUU
Xfire: retardedwalrus
Email: LinknPrk621 AT yahoo DOT com
Teamspeak: Hop on my unit's TS. IP and password can be found at the site below.

or the last resort, you can send me a PM on my unit's forums.


The 1.FJR is also producing a movie which come out in 1 -3 weeks, so stay tuned! 

http://www.1-fjr.com - 1st Fallschirmjager Regiment
http://1stsfss.org - WRM forums
http://www.codfiles.com - Best file provider for CoD2 around!

I hope you enjoy this mod! :D

Ogfr. Herz
Gruppe Iron
1st Fallschirmjager Regiment

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