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And here's the second version of one of my favorite realism mods, the recently debuted 45th Infantry Division Weapons Mod by Captain Piller...


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And here's the second version of one of my favorite realism mods, the recently debuted 45th Infantry Division Weapons Mod by Captain Piller. I like this one so much because it delves into the details, and in this version, there's even more to mess with! :P Not only has he fixed a few issues that remained in v1 beta, but Piller has also added nearly double the features in the mod, including a number which change the general feel of the weapons. In any case, take a look at the ReadMe below for the full scoop on this excellent CoD2 realism mod, and download it now! :thumbsup:


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Download '45th_realweapons_v2.zip' (73KB)

45th Infantry Division Weapons Mod (v2)
Created by Captain Piller

This weapons mod was made in order to provide a more realistic experience
for people playing Call of Duty 2 multiplayer. I give thanks to the makers
of the German Front Mod and the BJustReal mod for their inspiration. With
that I would also like to request that noone use these files on their server
without proper credit and permission. All factors in this mod are from my
personal view of what is realistic. Realism cannot be seen in tearms of black
and white, each person defines realism based on their experiences and outlook of
what real combat is like.

Knowing your weapons and your enemie's weapons is a good thing and might just be
the piece of knowledge thats going to keep to alive. With that I hope you find
this maual not too boring and read it for all the information about what this
weapons mod does.

Place the .iwd file into your call of duty2/main file folder in your C drive directory.
Please make sure you do not have any other weapon mods running at the time. At
the moment this is only effective on multiplayer game servers and does not
effect single player.

Features - v2
-Fixed a critical error with the weapon sway which was causing weapons to become inaccurate
nomatter where your sights are. I had to redo all of the weapons sway and right
now its somewhat minimal. I havent given up on it yet though so stay tuned.
-Realistic Ammo Loadouts. I did the best I could especially with the soviet
weapons. Keep in mind the ammo loadout did vary with some guns so it was really
pick and choose. When I say "spare" magazine that does not include what is 
in the gun itself.The loadouts are as follows:
	BAR: 12 spare magazines (more was carried by BAR assistant)
	Bren: 4 spare magazines (more were carried by the Bren team)
	Colt: 2 spare magazines
	Enfield: 5 spare magazines
	G43: 6 spare magazines
	Greasegun: 6 spare magazines
	Kar98k: 12 spare magazines
	Luger: 1 spare magainze
	M1 Carbine: 5 spare magazines (this one varied on divisions)
	M1 Garand: 10 spare clips
	Mosin Nagant: 6 spare magazines (soldiers were supposed to have around 18
			but you know the red army)
	MP40: 6 Magazines were issued total and 1 was put into the gun, so 5 spare
	MP44: 6 spare magazines
	PPS42: 3 spare magazines (who knows what it was like during the siege in
	PPsh: 1 spare drum (some soldiers carried spare 35 round sticks, but thats
		not currently an option)
	Trench Gun: 24 spare cartridges (guessed a bit on this one)
	Springfield: 20 spare magazines
	Sten: 4 spare magazines
	SVT40: 6 spare magazines (guessed entirely on this one)
	Thompson: 5 spare 20 round magazines (opted for this over 3 spare 30 round ones)
	TT33: 1 spare magazine
	Webley: 18 total bullets so 12 spare bullets or 2 spare speed loaders
Im still searching for grenade loadouts so thats still going to be set to default
in this version.
-Slightly decreased M1 Carbine accuracy
-Edited German grenade damage, while the blast radius stays the same- the damage
inside the radius will be larger.
-Fixed problem with those using WRM where bolt action rifles would not kill someone
but had them bleed out a second later resulting in the person not getting credit
for the kill.
-I Attempted to speed up the fireing process of the Lee-Enfield. The weapon should
fire slightly faster overall now.
-Sped up fire times for semi-automatic weapons a bit
-Edited recoil on some weapons. Bren and BAR will not bounce from side to side quite
as much.
-A note that I didn't address in the previous version is that the M1 Carbine will
do less damage than other rifles and may take a couple shots. Shots to the upper torso or
head will kill.
-Slightly increased the raise and drop time for weapons
-Slightly reduced throwing distance for american and british grenades, British grenades will
also have just a tiny bit shorter throwing distance since theirs 0.1kg heavier. American and
british grenades will not fly "up" as much when you throw them either. (more streight out)
-Increased the amount of time it takes to throw grenade after grenade, so you cant throw three
grenades in an instant right after each other. (Germans have a larger delay since it took
some time to unscrew the cap to the chord pulled to throw the grenade, Russians will also
have a bit larger of a delay since they need to put the fuse into their grenade)
-Changed HUD display of M1A1 Carbine to M1 Carbine, the M1A1 was the name for the partrooper
-Pistols in general will have a bit more of a "kick"
-Weapons will actually raise and lower when you throw a grenade
-Increased the "bobbing" effect with weapons when you move while aiming. I didnt want to overdo
it, but its enough to stop you from shooting at people far away while moving. However,it is 
significant on pistols  

Features - v1 beta: 
-All weapon damages are increased, All large caliber rifles will likely kill if
shots hit the torso or or head. Smaller calibers will most likely kill if they hit
the upper torso or head. Sub-machineguns will most likely kill if they hit the
upper torso or head aswell, their damage highly varies on the caliber of bullet
that was used. The thompson which fired a large .45 ACP round will be more likely
to take down a target with one shot than the 9mm round used by the MP40. Pistols
may take one to four shots to kill their target, damage from pistols is inferior
to all other weapons. Shots to the limb will do minimal damage... however, multiple
shots there will take down a target.
-Bren clip is loaded with 28 rounds as opposed to 30 which was very common because
clips loaded with 30 round would often jam.
-Ensured weapons which had sharp tiped bullets would continue on through the body
of the person they hit and posibly into the person behind them. Weapons like SMGs 
will not as they use a flat fronted bullet.
-Bolt action rifles will not be able to reload midclip, it is impossible to fit 5 more
bullets into a space where bullets are already sitting. As for enfields you can still 
reload them only when theres space for the 5 more bullets to go.
-Bolt action rifle sights will be braught down from an aiming position to rechamber.
Before, the bolt would go right into your face and it is also very difficult to hold a 
rifle up to your eyes and rechamber it at the same time - this also slows down its rate
of fire a bit.
-The time it takes to bring up and bring down the weapons themselves was increased, 
its still faster than it is in real life but it helps to slow down the pace of the game.
-Accuracy of weapons was in general reduced from the WRM weapons mod, which for
some reason had the accuracy of all weapons the same and quite accurate. SMGs should be 
able to hit targets around 50 yards away with moderate difficulty. Rifles can hit
targets with minimal difficulty at distances less than 150 yards.Bolt action rifles 
have a light accuracy advantage over semi-autos. This bring me on to the next point...
-Recoil! Thanks to GFM for this, i've used their system of recoil and slightly
modded it to my personal taste. This is what will make weapons inaccurate. The
weapons themselves are in general accurate - it is their recoil which will
cause you to lose the most accuracy. Fireing in short bursts with automatic
weapons will help keep your spreads tight. Semi-Automatic rifles should be fired
slowly to conserve amunition and to ensure your shot goes where it is intended
"Quality over Quantity"
-Weapons sway. Call of Duty 2 has a somewhat limited way of doing this. Weapons
which attach to your shoulder with a stock will have a slow gradual sway. Weapons
such as pistols will jitter about abrubtly. I couldent caputre the jittery motion
of rifles without having the entire rifle move where as normally it would pivot off
of your shoulder. This sway is minimal right now, it will be reduced when you put
yourself in a crouched position and even more reduced in a prone position.
-Accuracy from the hip has in general been reduced. Running from the hip fireing
or so called "Running and gunning" will be much less effective. "Stop and pop"
methods will have the tactical advantage with this mod.
-Grenade damage has been increased from the stock damage, Realistically grenades
were very unreliable, you could come out without a scratch if a grenade blew up
5 feet from you and you could get shrap in your neck at 15 feet away. I generalized
the damage and if your within about 15 feet from the grenade you will take damage,
but if your close to the grenade it will be enough to kill you. Grenades will also
vary depending on their nationality. Russian grenades will do the most damage,
followed closely by the american and british. Next comes the german grenades
which relied more-so on their exposive effect over the shrap that they emitted.
-Throw distances for grenades vary also. Highest is the germans, followed by
russians who had a heavier grenade, followed by the americans and british. Fuse times
are also different. The Russians have a non-cookable 3.5 second fuse (This is because 
it was the jerking motion of the thow which ignited the fuse) The Germans havea 5 second 
cookable fuse. Americans and British have a 4 second cookable fuse.
-Machine Gun accuracy was reduced so shots will not hit from all the way across 
the map like El Alamien. They also have more recoil. Shots from them are also 
more damaging and will kill in 1-2 hits. The .30 Cal has slightly better accuracy 
than the MG42. 
-Rates of fire have also been lowered. Semi-Auto rifles may fire 5 times per second.
Pistols may fire 6 per second with exception to the webley which can fire 3.5 per
second due to its revolver type action. All automatic weapons have been checked and 
corrected for historical accuracy. The MG42 fire rate was increased and the .30 Cal was lowered.
-Weapon ads zoom was overall lessened. its is somewhat of a 1/3 zoom. This is to
let your "tunnel vision" take effect and to have it not appear as if the weapon is
being held way out infront of you. Sniper Rifle zoom was slightly increased to contrast it
more from the other weapons. Rifles will have the most zoom followed by the carbine/mp44,
further followed by SMGs and then pistols with no zoom. The zoom is made small enough so
that it dosent become a noticable factor but still enough to make you feel like you are
truely aiming down the sights of your gun. 
-Smoke grenades will have a 4 second fuse (will not cook). So they wont explode on impact
-There will be a slight viewing error whenever you look down a teloscopic sight such as
a scoped weapon or binoculars. You can never bring the scope up to exactly the center of
your screen. This will help stop those people who put little dots on the center of their
monitor and will lower the short range effectiveness of a sniper rifle.
-Shotgun ballistics was changed. The shotgun will actually have a somewhat tigher grouping.
aiming will help your accuracy. The grouping will be less accurate if fired from the hip but
its not affected by running or movement. The buckshot will not just spray everywhere just
because your moving so its important to aim with the shotgun or you might miss all together.

Send all constructive comments or questions to www.ljpiller@gmail.com - Be sure to drop by the 45th ID website at: www.45th-infantry-division.net - you can find out about our server 
info which runs this mod and more. Thank you for reading! Enjoy! 
Semper Anticus!- "Always Forward!"

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