Aberrant Valley

Here's an extraordinary new map based loosely on a real-life location by a developer known as NDM. You'll find loads of perfectly mastered...


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Here's an extraordinary new map based loosely on a real-life location by a developer known as NDM. You'll find loads of perfectly mastered effects in addition to the map's brilliant layout, wonderfully realistic terrain and texture work, compatibility with all the gametypes, smooth feel, and even workable jeeps to make this one map the CoD2 community won't soon forget. Check out the screenshots below to get just a glance at what this map has to offer, and download Aberrant Valley by NDM today! :thumbsup:


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Download 'mp_anomaly.zip' (34.69MB)

   _    _   __    __   __    / /
  / \  | | | _\  /  \_/  \  /_/
 |   \ | | || \ |  _  _  |	_
 | |\ \| | || || | | \/ | |    /
 | | \   | ||_// | |    | |    \      CoD2 - Multiplayer - MAP
 |_|  \_/  |__/  |_|    |_|   _/ 


Title               : Aberrant Valley 
File Name           : mp_anomaly.iwd
Version             : 1.0 (Final)
Requirements	    : CoD2-Patch 1.3
Release Date        : 30.08.2007
Author              : NDM
Email Address       : ndm78 ('AT') gmx ('DOT') de
Supported Gametypes : dm / tdm / ctf / hq / sd
Players             : approx. 6-20 / large map size but 2 jeeps


Basically this is my first attempt regarding mapping and scripting (due to some trouble to the real first version I made this special 'Add-On').

Despite of numerous problems regarding the mapping and scripting part as well as the use of the corresponding programs (!!!These programs drove me crazy sometimes, especially the compiler; many strange things happened!!!) I started my first project some time ago.
First it was a test map to see how everything works. But after it became bigger and bigger and my LAN-Colleagues began to love it, I thought about making this to my first map and starting the mapping-business. So I studied some further tutorials, checked the i-net and gave my best to put a lot of funny things into my map (I hope some of them never seen before).
And now my first map has become a very complicated project with a very large map size, so that I had to add useable vehicles (2 jeeps) to make it also playable for less than 10 persons ;-))

So if you are familiar with the 'real' first version please find hereafter some modifications I've done to my map (otherwise please see complete list under item 2):
- Outdoor area completely reworked and enlarged
- Added 2 useable vehicles (jeeps) instead of the 'driving vehicle'

	|in / out     	 = F	              |  	
	|accelerate   	 = shift	      |
	|reverse      	 = shift + attack(LMB)|
	|drive direction = look direction     |
	|horn         	 = shift + F          |
	|change position = H                  |

- Gameplay improved by reworking all details and creating i/o portals
  --> although I never heard about any problems regarding FPS?!?
- All textures modified, improved and added some new ones
- New effects included and original effect-scripts adapted
- New path and bunker incl. tunnel in the forest part
- Additional buildings (custom & modified prefabs(e.g. Hotel/Church))
- Entire terrain and some MG positions modified
- Big lake including small island and special waterFX
- Small sailing boat --> Navigation done by the wind
- Weapon-Clip for metal fence and an useable barrier
- Cinema with a short movie --> Topic: 'German Test Flight'
- Swinging crates and church bell for snipers ;-)
- Reworked many... not to say all details (e.g. see Map-Gallery)
- Adapted all gametypes (especially CTF, HQ and S&D) to the new layout
- Modified & new secretes, hidden places (location plan in map) 
- 2x G43 Sniper and 1x Panzerfaust at hidden places/secrete 5
- Partly roof access by rain gutter/secrete 2/tree
- Gridfile extended! [In the meantime I saw hundreds of custom maps, but mainly without the use of a gridfile??? So they all have this light/shadow blinking problems when running over these maps :-(( ]

Hopefully you like my first map and it will work with all available mods and maps(...an incredible dream...lol).
For more detailed information if required please check item 2 and 3. 

Have a lot of fun... because that was really hard work!

PS: If you would like to send a comment to my map, please do it on-->

written by NDM

As already mentioned I made this map for my LAN-friends and at the end, of course, for the whole game-community (thanks for the tutorials) to extend the map offer for that game. All damage, destruction and violence shown in this map has nothing to do with reality, but of course it suits good to the game and makes the map a bit more extraordinary. And of course this is no invitation for any violence!
I love this game, although I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND why human being think, that wars are a good way to come to a conclusion!

I hope, in the near future more people play those games instead of realizing their terrible and ill war plans!!! Hopefully you understand a bit ...   ;-)))   ... and now go on playing or check the complete detailed ReadMe!


Buildings           : 4 small custom buildings + 1 very large custom
		      building (Wellness-Centre)/ entrance e.g. by
		      destruction, roof, tunnel, canalization/ partial
		      3 floors connected by elevator, stairs and venti-
		      lation shaft + some modified prefab-buildings 

Outdoor Areas       : Forest & Bunker/ Street & Buildings/ Lake & Beach
		      incl. countless models to climb, hide and sniper

Weapons             : Usual and hidden MG's (6)/ 3 additional weapons
		      (2x G43Sniper & 1x Panzerfaust), some grenades
		      and smoke grenades mainly located in secrete 3

SPECIALS & FUNCTIONS: 1.) Useable Vehicles (controls see list above)
                      2.) Interactable Objects (bottles/barrels/vases)
                      3.) 3-Floor - Elevator (with flickering light)
                      4.) Underground Tunnel
                      5.) Bombing Planes (with destruction to the map)
                      6.) Plane Fight incl. crash
                      7.) Ventilation Shaft
		      8.) Moving Door and Objects
                      9.) 5 Secrets (old ones modified, 1 new)
                     10.) Canalization (with toilet flush)
                     11.) Some Flickering and Swinging Lights
                     12.) Close or Open the Barrier (for the jeep)
                     13.) Cinema with a running Short Movie; Title:
			        >>>'German Test Flight'<<<
                     14.) Used many Exploder for:
		          windows/ one stair /tree-house /tool-shed
                     15.) Special WaterFX when going swimming
		     16.) Swinging crates and church-bell
		     17.) Location plan for secretes & hidden places
		     18.) Maybe I forgot something to mention...?!?

Supported MODs      : in any case --> allweapsgren.iwd... (no time to
		      test other mods) // Remark: Don't try to spawn
		      anything, my map has reached many limits!

Known & seemingly unsolvable bugs:
1. Light-Bugs at walls --> Some walls I've drawn several times and used shadow_caster... but can't get them away
2. SOMETIMES some exploder (especially shootable windows) don't want to work correctly ... they blink (visible<>invisible) but only sometimes...
3. At point 0,0,0 appears a script_model (tree) and looks into my map...I put a bush at this location but it looks a little bit strange!?! If I try to move my map I get uncountable errors!
4. JEEP --> please be carefully with the jeeps, they don't run perfectly... remember this is no Battlefield! Keep distance to any object and if the jeep is unfavourably parked it is possible to get trapped.
5. The barrier doesn't like to work all the time... Sometimes first after climbing through the window at the left?
6. Due to a game/mapping problem I had to limit the spectator area... so no free-fly-around

Please inform me via e-mail if you find some more or a solution for the above mentioned bugs. THX


Total Brushes   : 25855 Brushes/Patches used in this map
Total Entities  : 5762 Entities added to this map

Textures        : >100 (5) custom textures (total 553 textures)
Sounds          : 18 custom sounds (total 50 sounds)

Building Time   : approx. 4 (+4 Add-On) months, because at the beginning
		  I had no idea what mapping or scripting was!!!

Data Size       : .iwd --> 35.7 MB / .map --> 25.8 MB / VIS --> 1372392
		  Grid-Points --> 143106 (invisible green dots collected)

Compile Time    : Test-Compile: approx. 25min / Extra light: > 24h but
		  models got this Rainbow-Fx / Model-Shadow: Many lights
		  didn't work anymore??? / MP-VIS -> nothing happens /
		  And all together... lol --> so only test-compile!

Programs used   : CoD2radiant/CoD2 compile tool/asset manager/
		  EffectsEd/winzip/gimp 2.1(textures)/audacity(sounds)


To install and play this map read first item 7, then use WINZIP or WINRAR and extract the above mentioned iwd-FILE to your Call of Duty 2/main folder. That's it! ? --> in case of bad gameplay [FPS] use low graphic settings or/and directx7!

If you get the IWD_SUM_MISMATCH - ERROR while loading this map, delete some other custom maps and/or change the mp_config (seta_sv pure "0")!
If you get the CL_PARSE_GAMESTATE:BAD COMMAND BYTE - ERROR delete some mods and/or use the 1.3 Patch for COD2.
If you get a Script_Runtime Error (e.g. jeep) remove other custom maps or mods and be sure to switch the developer mod off (type in mp console--> /developer 0  and press enter).
If you get a 'More than 1024 Materials' Error, e.g. when trying to play S&D, remove other custom maps

I saw a g_spawn - Error (no free entities) but only once... no idea when and why this can occur!?


Thanks to the whole community and especially to www.modsonline.com where I got most of my knowledge for COD2 MAPPING and SCRIPTING.

And, of course, special thanks to my brother 'mĀ²' who was a big support for some scripts and to 'Killer', 'CleMens', 'IRONPUNCH' and 'UCK' for testing my map --> see also script-files for further greetings!


All original and composed textures and sounds used in this level remain property of the sources respective owners. You may distribute this iwd-file for free in any electronic format (e.g. internet, etc.), as long as you contact me first. All files have to be included intact (original state) to the archive incl. ReadMe and screenshots before distributing. Thx
Attention: If you bring out this map, textures or sounds in store for sold you get out of law!

Copyright 2006 - 2017

7) WARNING - Must be read and understood before using this file

The author of this file accepts no responsibility for damage to data (software), physical damage to hardware or psychic damage to any person, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this file. It is deemed that users who run this file, automatically are considered as having read and understood this liability clause before using the mentioned file!


XXXXXXXXX>>>>>>>>>!Never stop mapping and playing!<<<<<<<<<XXXXXXXX

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