AceofSpades' Heer Skin Pack



Here we have some more sweet German skins for CoD2 by AceofSpades, which features a collection of different patterns, styles, and options for your enjoyment and customization abilities. ;) It's got the usual patterns we've seen before but with AceofSpades' fine interpretation, so don't just pass this one up! Read what's available to you below, check out the screenshots, and download these skins now! :thumbsup:

  • Tan/Water Uniform
  • Splinter A Uniform (Tunic and Trousers)
  • Splinter A Smock (Only Shirt)
  • Splinter A Trousers (Only Pants and Helmet)
  • Regular Heer Uniform (Feldgrau Tunic, Pants, and Helmet)


ACEofSPADES' Heer skinpack

 Hi, I decided to just release one skinpack of the heer skins I wanted to make instead of releasing them all seperately. So here they are!


 -Tan/water uniform
-Splinter A uniform (tunic and trousers))
-Splinter A smock (just shirt)
-Splinter A trousers(Only changes the pants and helmet to Splinter A camo.
-Regular heer uniform (feldgrau tunic, pants, and helmet)

 Installation: Choose one of the IWD files and place into the COD2 main folder (use screenshots I included as for reference so you know which ones to use).

If there's any problems email me at [email protected]

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