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Here's a nice new CoD2 sound mod by ACH91332, which showcases sounds for almost everything in the game. They're some pretty high-quality...


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Here's a nice new CoD2 sound mod by ACH91332, which showcases sounds for almost everything in the game. They're some pretty high-quality sounds, too, and although I know I've heard some before around here, I like this particular compilation for its arrangement and presentation. The grenade explosion sounds are very cool as well and add a great new dimension to the complete set of weapon sounds. Realistic or not (and I can't speak from experience on that subject), this pack will definitely give you a new feel for your game, so if you're bored with "same old, same old," then download this excellent sound pack today! :thumbsup:

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Download '' (9.92MB)

This is ACH91332, and this is an almost complete weapon sound mod for CoD2.

This coversion changes all weapon sounds with exception of the Shotgun, by adding "shell to
ground" impact noises and improving the crack of various rifles. It also tweaks the 
shellshock exit, changes the Menu music, and rids all in-game music to make it feel more 
like a real battle, not a movie. 
All weapons have the loud "rifle crack" noise after each fire of the weapon, and have the
enabled sound of each shell hitting the ground after it's been discharged from the weapon.
The only weapon without the noise of the shell hitting the ground is the Webley since it is
a revolver and needs each shell to be manually discharged. 

"Note" the noise of shells are not excessivly loud and are faint. In real lfe the shell 
noises aren't excessivly loud so neither are the ones here.
All in-game music is removed to improve the battlefield experience and to make the game feel 

Upon this, When you exit shellshock, you will not hear the multiple whizzby sounds upon 
exiting and will only hear the sound of your ears ringing.
This mod is intended to sound realistic and more like a real battle. I don't not clame any 
of this work as my own besides the many sounds I have tweaked myself like the ones with the
sound of the shell hitting the ground after it is discharged, or the few that I have created
a longer or louder crack of the rifle after it is fired.

None of these sounds were actually created by me. I have merely compiled and and tweaked 
them to my, and possibly your, liking.

If you have any issues or and ideas, please feel free to speak out.

To install put the file in your main directory for CoD2.

If you installed your CoD2 into the default directory it should look like this:
C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main
Known Bugs:

The only bugs I've noticed is some sounds may not work if you have a certain mod that has a 
different "soundaliases" file besides the defult "soundaliases" within "iw_06.IWD" in the 
main directory. 

If you do not have a mod like this it will definately work. Don't be too alarmed because 
most small mods do not do this and most sound mods function the same way with the 
"soundaliases" file.

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