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Here's the latest and greatest release of the Additional War Effects mod, the "Community Edition" of beta 10 from La Truffe and 0ddball. The original developer, Bell, announced his departure from the community earlier this year, so the project has come under the control of the two aforementioned authors. You'll find all sorts of new features and additions in this "CE" release, though, so don't fret that the main man is gone! Just check out the ReadMe to see what this new AWE has to offer, and play it on one of the many AWE CoD2 servers today! :thumbsup:




N0P present : AWE v3 Community Edition

++ Object

Bell officially ceased development and support of his AWE v3 mod for COD2 in early 2007.
His last version 3.0 beta 10b can therefore be considered as the final 3.0.

However, as a tribute to his considerable work, N0P have decided to release a special v3 of AWE, called "Community Edition".
This release contains AWE 3.0 beta 10b as well as a collection of "AWE ware" mini-mods that were released independently, mostly gametypes, fixes and small additions, all packed into one single convenient mod.
AWE still being a popular mod, this addition will help extending its life beyond the "Bell era".

AWE v3 CE will get support from N0P and the new support team just like its core AWE foundation.
There is no clear plan to make further development to it.
However, should new "AWE ware" mods be contributed, N0P shall consider their integration into updated versions.

++ Added/changed features since 3.0 beta 10b

- new client mods with red dot on compass disabled when enemy fires
- new custom gametypes : BT, CTFB, CNQ, DOM, ECTF, EHQ, ESD, HM, ONS, VIP, totalling 20 gametypes !
- upgraded gametype : IHTF (1.3)
- Lee Enfield selectable from American weapons menu
- warmup delay
- anti dive bomber & bunny hopper
- next map voting extension
- new option in the ingame vote menu allowing to choose from all available gametypes
- new option in the ingame vote menu allowing to choose from all available maps
- new option in the ingame menu allowing to display the serverinfo screen
- admin commands
- bash mode
- fix : can no longer place tripwire when standing at spawn
- fix : turret temperature bar moved a little higher to avoid overlapping with server logo, localized string for overheating message
- fix : AWE bots now working when secondary weapons enabled, some runtime errors corrected
- optimized handling of serverinfo dvars, to completely avoid "SV_SetConfigValueForKey: overflow" error
- new options for team killing punishment : kick player, freeze controls during 1 minute

++ Note on the new custom gametypes

ECTF, EHQ and ESD are extensions of the stock CTF, HQ and SD gametypes respectively, with lots of customization and new features.
ESD brings features similar to the famous RSD gametype for COD1.

CTFB is CTF with a twist, which leads to interesting gameplay.

CNQ is the famous Conquest TDM gametype ported to COD2.

HM and VIP are role based gametypes, where certain players are the targets to reach. VIP is team oriented, whereas HM has no team.

DOM is a re-creation of the DOM gametype in COD/UO, with new features.
BT and ONS are variants of DOM, with important changes in the number and order of objectives.
For those familiar with COD3 on consoles, BT is the equivalent of the WAR gametype in COD3, but much better of course ;-)

++ Compatibility

COD2 1.3 only, just like AWE 3.0 beta 10b

++ Installation

The installation of AWE v3 CE is the same as for AWE 3 beta 10b, and only differs by the following :

1. The package is available in a zipped form only.
There is no longer an installer for the Windows platform.
The install method is thus the same for all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX).

2. The client part is now available in 6 different versions instead of 3.
The original b0.iwd, b1.iwd and b2.iwd are still there unchanged.
Three new ones (a0.iwd, a1.iwd and a2.iwd respectively) are identical to their b counterpart with the only difference that they have the red dots on compass disabled when enemy fires.

Here is a summary of their features :
a0 = no blood mod + red dots on compass disabled
a1 = Blood mod version 1.0 (unrealistic) + red dots on compass disabled
a2 = Blood mod version 2.0 (realistic) + red dots on compass disabled
b0 = no blood mod + red dots on compass enabled
b1 = Blood mod version 1.0 (unrealistic) + red dots on compass enabled
b2 = Blood mod version 2.0 (realistic) + red dots on compass enabled

3. The server part of the mod is no longer presented as flat files but in a single IWD.
Server admins seeking further control can still uncompress it into files and folders.
The server part (z_awe_svr_3ce.iwd) has to be placed in your fs_game folder, just like one of the client parts (a*.iwd or b*.iwd).

++ Configuration

The standard AWE dvars have been kept intact.
New dvars have been introduced to configure the new options.
Please refer to the bottom part of the sample awe.cfg, as well as all the separate gametype specific configuration files.
Bear in mind that in the sample awe.cfg all dvars definitions are commented out initially, so if you make a change be sure to have the dvar definition uncommented !
The new options for team killing punishment are 5 and 6 (awe_teamkill_method).

++ Credits

Core AWE 3.0 beta 10b : Bell - see specific readme
Compass red dots remover : Worm
Lee Enfield for American : La Truffe - based on a mod by Bully & Shooter
Anti dive bomber & bunny hopper : La Truffe - based on the implementation in Astoroth's eXtreme+ mod
ECTF gametype : 0ddball and Shooter - based on CTF additions in Worm's Powerserver mod
DOM gametype : Matthias, Tally, 0ddball and La Truffe - see specific readme
BT and ONS gametypes : 0ddball and La Truffe - see specific readme
CNQ gametype : Tally and UncleBone - see specific readme
HM gametype : Tally - see specific readme
ESD gametype : La Truffe - includes modifications from #7's COD2Svr mod  - see specific readme
CTFB gametype : La Truffe - based on the gametype from Matthias' Admiral mod  - see specific readme
Admin commands : #7, from COD2Svr mod, with additions by La Truffe
Bash mode : #7, from COD2Svr mod
Next map voting extension : 0ddball
EHQ, IHTF and VIP gametypes, warmup delay, new ingame options, fixes, serverinfo dvars change, new options for team killing punishment : La Truffe

++ Contact

AWE official support forum @ RGN : http://www.raidersmerciless.com/forumdisplay.php?f=92

N0P (Nedgerblansky and 0ddball Productions) are :
- 0ddball ([email protected] or [email protected])
- Nedgerblansky a.k.a. La Truffe ([email protected] or [email protected])

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