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Here are some more new character skins by Aeneas2020, this time for the Germans in CoD2. We've had this uniform styling done before, but I...


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Here are some more new character skins by Aeneas2020, this time for the Germans in CoD2. We've had this uniform styling done before, but I don't think it's ever been pursued in such a complete manner as Aeneas2020 has done here! :D These are the SS "Black Dress" skins, featuring what I call the "secret agent" uniform. :P Wear this on a night map, and the enemy will never know you exist. ;) But seriously, these are actually very accurate as far as history goes, so you can rest assured you're maintaining realism with these babies! Just check out the screenshots to see them in action, and download the set now!

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--SS Black Dress Uniform Skin By Aeneas2020--

Thank you for downloading my skin.

This skin replaces the germans from the normandy campaign
with SS soldiers in their dress black uniforms. I am aware
they would not have worn them in combat but i just always
wanted to do these. I've replaced everything to do with the
regular german army and have made the uniforms as accruate
as possible. For the guys wearing the long coats,vests and/or
the net helmets i have coloured these black, while this may
not be relistic it adds to the affect of the guys you are 
fighting being a cohesive fighting force. I have also included
the officer in this release. I will be releasing mp versions of
my skins soon. 

Lastly due to recent threats from a concerned mother i would like 
to point out that i do not in anyway support or condone the actions
of Nazi Germany and that my work is done purely for pleasure not
to advance some socio-psychotic desire i have to corrupt our youths
converting them into minature hitlarians....oooo no the video games
are coming to corrupt our children run away! ARGGH!In my opinion it
is the right of the individual on whether or not they should be 
able to dload alternate uniforms for the axis forces in game and 
forcing the unecessary cenorship of said dloads is a violation of 
freedoms that can only be seen under facist and soviet regimes...
so in shortlady...shove it!

sorry rant over


Unzip the .iwd files of your choice into your callofduty2 main folder.


Delete chosen .iwd file from callofduty2 main folder.


Do not use more than one of these .iwd files at a time or they will not work!

You must also start a new mission for these skins to work starting from an autosave will not work.

Skins By Aeneas2020

p.s. Feel free to use any of my skins in mods and other projects as long as i am credited
but plese seek my permisson first.

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