Africorps vs. Desertrats

I'm going to have to give this one a lower rating for the general environment, as we've seen so many of these North African maps already for...


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I'm going to have to give this one a lower rating for the general environment, as we've seen so many of these North African maps already for CoD2 (sorry, Echsenschnitter). However, this "Afrika Korps / Desert Rats" map is still pretty cool, and at least features a different layout and compatibility with all the gametypes. Apparently this is the second release, too, so lots of bugs have been fixed and things changed for the better. With that in mind, check out the screenshots below to see if you like the looks of this map, and give it a download if you do. :P


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Download '' (9.21MB)

README mp_africorps v1.1 "Africorps vs. Desertrats"

Note: Should you already have v1.0 of this map installed, be sure to remove it first, before playing v1.1 !

1. Map info
2. Version 1.1
3. Copyright warning
4. Contact information
5. Thanks to
6. Known bugs
7. Facts

-= 1st =-

"mp_africorps" is a medium sized multiplayer map. 
This map currently supports the following game modes:

+ Deathmatch
+ Team Deathmatch
+ Capture the Flag
+ Headquarters
+ Search & Destroy

-= 2nd =-

Version 1.1

-Added support for Search & Destroy mode
-Changed environment at some places a bit
-Fixed a few graphic bugs
-Removed some of the bigger ugly looking shadows
-Added MG (30cal) to sniper tower (dm only), MG42 near tower in dm mode not available anymore (only tdm, hq & sd)
-Changed flag spawn points in ctf mode
-Compressed the iwd file so that the size is now 9.30MB and not 28.8MB anymore

-= 3rd =-

"mp_africorps" is copyright protected. You're not allowed to alter the map and/ or associated files in any way.
If you want to copy the map and give it to your friends without any charge - no problem, as long as it's ALL files including this "readme".

"mp_africorps" was build by Kai Effelsberg alias Echsenschnitter. (c) 2006 

-= 4th =-

ICQ:   239 825 650
Xfire: Echsenschnitter

Visit me on -> 
or ->

-= 5th =-

Thanks to the folks at  for helping me with some stuff 
and to the guys and girls at  and  
for testing the map.

-= 6th =-

Known bugs: 

-Shadows with stair effects. Impossible to fix. This is an engine related problem.

-No bug, but i haven't added any portals to the map. To be honest, i don't get them to work.
 That's why my map could run poor on some machines. I'm sorry for that, but i'm a beginner 
with the Radiant Ed. And Radiant can really suck by the way.

-= 7th =-


This is my first map made with the Radiant Ed and my first mp map ever.
The map was made within 3 weeks. I had nothing better to do.
Maybe i'll build another map, set in germany or france, if this map here is played by many.
Looks best in DirectX 9 mode :) Unfortunately my machine is too slow for it :(

I hope you'll have some fun playing this. And please respect my work.

(Date: July.23.2006  Koenigswinter/ Germany)

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