It sounds like a mod, but don't be fooled! :) This is a clan "intro" video for the Arcane Knights o...


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It sounds like a mod, but don't be fooled! :) This is a clan "intro" video for the Arcane Knights of the Apocalypse, which isn't really an advertisement (I hate clan advertisements) but actually just a cool cinematic video of random CoD2 footage. They've thrown lots of awesome firefights, single-player scripted sequences, and other multi-player movie moments together in this video with sweet effects, good music, the whole Spiel. ;) So yeah, if you've got some free time to kill, download and watch AKA CoD2 (the first version :P ) now! :D

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Download 'akacod2v1.zip' (7MB)

Readme File:

[AKA] Alec


xfire sn- alec05
other- pm on AKA forums

File Type:
Windows Media Player Movie

Click and Play, as long as you have Windows Media Player installed on your 
computer with the proper up-to-date codecs.

Copyright and Ownership:
All game components are copyright to Activision and Infinity Ward and all 
respective entities therein.  Music is copyright to Korn.  All camera angles, 
editing, and creation was done by myself with special thanks to my clan Arcane 
Knights of the Apocalypse for their cooperation, support, and dedication through 
acting, testing, and software.

May be redistributed freely in whole so long as all documentation is attached and 
author's credit given publicly.  This file may not be distributed in any separated 
part or without this readme file included with it unless written permission is
obtained from the author.


File Info:
This movie was made first and foremost to serve as an intro video for my clan's
website www.akaelite.net .  Secondly it was made to test the boundaries of COD2
footage and to press the envelope to the upmost maximum of how footage could be
obtained from COD2.  I sincerely hope that this video will inspire either simple
laughter from some of its funnier shots or perhaps embolden people to persue
game related films with this style of footage.  

This video features the usual "stunning" high definition footage from Call of Duty
2 by Infinity Ward.  The movie was done in trailer format to the music of "Twisted
Transistor" by Korn.  The footage was done through manipulation of the COD2 
engine through simple commands that can be obtained for other movie-maker's usage
by simply dropping me an email.  Special thanks again to my clan for their support,
and I hope you all enjoy this video.

[AKA] Alec

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