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Here's a neat new mod by DeekCiti, which aids in the server-side customization of multi-player mortar barrages. I'm not too familiar with w...


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Here's a neat new mod by DeekCiti, which aids in the server-side customization of multi-player mortar barrages. I'm not too familiar with what he bases this on because I think it's supposed to work with another mod, but I'll just leave that to you to figure out. :P Just know that this mod adds a handful of CVars to give you some more options, so if that's what you want on your server, check out the ReadMe below for more information and download this mod now!

NOTE: This update addresses a fatal error in the previous version (v2.0) of the mod.

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Call Of Duty 2 - Stand-Alone, Ambiant Mortars

Version 3.0
UPDATES:  5-27-06
Bug Fixes:  Fixed Problem where Players Couldn't die, and Kill eachother.  Shouldn't be any more bugs.
Old Versions 2.0:  If you are using the old version 2.0 please delete it, it doesn not work Correctly and should be removed.  This version 3.0 is a fully functional and updated!

(If You Intend on Using this Mod, Please READ the Whole Readme File)

FILE DESCRIPTION:  Mod that Allows Random Mortars to Fall in ANY Map, on ANY Server (THATS NOT) Already Running Mortars.  This mod Actually Drops Mortars!

FILE SIZE:  Aprox. 72kb

FILES INCLOSED:  Server.cfg, cod2_mortars.cfg, cod2_mortars.iwd

AUTHOR:  DeekCiti 

(COULD Not have been possible without any Proior Mods using Mortars!)  Thank you, and all credit goes to You Guys.  I take no credit for this Mod.

INSTALLATION:  For use of .iwd or Folder Structure Mod.
	EXPLANATION:  I've included two sets of the same mod here.  One is included in the .zip inside the folder called (Folder Structure) and the other is in the folder called (IWD Structure).  Use one or the other, DO NOT USE BOTH!  Sometimes when a server or client has too many .iwd files in thier Game folder they start getting errors.  So if you're one of those people then use the folder structure set I included, instead of the .iwd.  If you think your ok, and have very little .iwd's in your game folder then use the .iwd set, to lessen clutter.  Basically Copy ONE of the folders (Cod2_Mortars) to your Call Of Duty 2 Folder.

For .iwd use... the Client will download (cod2_mortars.iwd) when Connecting.
For Folder Structure...  the Client will Download Nothing. 

UNINSTALL:  Remove/Delete the folder (Cod2_Mortars) from your Call Of Duty 2 Folder.


What we have here is a mod that runs separate.  It will run on any server that doesn't already use Mortars on the Server.  That's very Important!  Then again, why would you use this one, if your server already runs Mortars?  It will run with any Map, so far that is.  Any map including the New Maps People are Creating everyday.  All you need to do is know the exact name of the map to add it to your (cod2_mortars.cfg) and add it to the mix.

I've included inside the file called (cod2_mortars.cfg) all the Explaination and tweaks you can do to this mod.  You can either use this (cod2_mortars.cfg) and have it called by your Server.cfg  (EX: exec cod2_mortars.cfg) or you can add all the text inside the (cod2_mortars.cfg) to whatever other .cfg you are using, mods etc.  You can also use the Server.cfg I've included, which it executes the (cod2_mortars.cfg) at the end of the file.  

Make sure in your shortcut line you have:   ...CoD2MP_s.exe" +set fs_game Cod2_Mortars +set dedicated 2 +exec Server.cfg +map_rotate

I even explain how to change the amount of Mortars that fall.  Want 100 mortars to fall in 30 seconds?  Not really a typical mortar barrage, but you get the idea.  If you know what your doing, you can tweak it to your own preference.  I explain in the .cfg, how to change the values being, Mortar delay between drops and Number of Mortars that fall per Map, or Gametype, or Map and Gametype.

FOR EXAMPLE:  Here are some examples of settings in the .cfg.

set cod2_mortar_delay_min_mp_breakout "110"
set cod2_mortar_delay_max_mp_breakout "130"

That's 110 and 130 in seconds.  I include a Seconds Chart as well.
So you have a minimun of 110 seconds which is about 2 minutes before the Mortars begin to fall, and it takes 20 seconds longer for them to end.  Depending on this next value...

set cod2_mortar_mp_breakout "40"

So with these two values set, this means 40 Mortars Drop on the map (Breakout) in a matter of 20 seconds approx. every 2 minutes.
You could even add in another value...

set cod2_mortar_dm "10"

This means, that for Deathmatch, only Ten Mortars will fall, instead of 40.

Some DVARS will override others, basically the more technical you get, the more obvious the Override will be.
If you just want the basic settings, you can use those near the top of the (cod2_mortars.cfg).


If you want to get real technical, you can set them by map, like this...

 BREAKOUT  (Villers-Bocage, France)
set cod2_mortar_hq_mp_breakout "5"	
set cod2_mortar_lms_mp_breakout "34"	
set cod2_mortar_lts_mp_breakout "23"	
set cod2_mortar_dm_mp_breakout "12"	
set cod2_mortar_tdm_mp_breakout "18"	
set cod2_mortar_htf_mp_breakout "4"	
set cod2_mortar_ihtf_mp_breakout "7"	
set cod2_mortar_sd_mp_breakout "60"	
set cod2_mortar_ctf_mp_breakout "28"	
set cod2_mortar_re_mp_breakout "11"	

This mod Should support the following Gametypes:

hq, lms, lts, dm, tdm, htf, ihtf, sd, ctf, re

It may support others, I just never tested them.

The Mod is Preset to Drop 1-70 Mortars within a Time Period of 0-600 seconds.  600 seconds=10 minutes. 

Make sure in your shortcut line you have:   ...CoD2MP_s.exe" +set fs_game Cod2_Mortars +set dedicated 2 +exec Server.cfg +map_rotate

Technically, you could rename the fs_game folder name (Cod2_Mortars) to anything you want.  Just make sure if you change it in your shortcut line you change the actual folder name and vice-versa.

If your running another Mod folder, or some other fs_game folder, just paste in the files/folders, or the (cod2_mortars.iwd) into your fs_game folder.  Basically, you want to use the files/folders inside the Cod2_Mortars folder.

Also, if you're going to use my (Server.cfg) I included, make sure you fill it all in before you start goofing around.  Duh!

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