Here's a very nice new Call of Duty 2 map by an author known as Capt.Com. I'm afraid I'm pronouncing "Ammaedara" wrong, but certainly...


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Here's a very nice new Call of Duty 2 map by an author known as Capt.Com. I'm afraid I'm pronouncing "Ammaedara" wrong, but certainly a unique name makes for a unique map! Case in point here, as we see the North African theme really taken to the next level (literally) as Capt.Com brings you into the mountains of Tunisia. :) You've got bunkers, bridges, streams, and rocky mountain walls; what's not to like? Check out the screenshots below, and download Ammaedara now!


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               - Ammaedara -
Author/auteur:		  Capt.Com
Game/Jeu:		  Call Of Duty 2
File name/Nom du fichier: ammaedara.iwd
Version:		  v1
Email:			  [email protected]
Released/Sortie le:	  01/20/07

This is my very first release.
This map featured a very large bunker camouflaged
by the Tunisian mountains. This is from a map I
Played a long time ago, I don't remember what game
or what map it was. Anyway I did it according to
my memory and the way I want it to be.

Ceci est la première map que j'ai fais. Un gros
bunker camouflé dans les montagnes tunésiennes.
C'est une map que j'ai joué il y a très longtemps
mais je ne me souviens pas du jeu et du nom de
la map. Je l'ai fais de mémoire et selon la façon
dont je la voyais.


Place ammaedara.iwd file into either 
your server's mod folder (If you have created one) or 
into your CoD2 main folder.

Mettre le fichier ammaedara.iwd dans votre dossier
du mod ( si vous en avez un ) ou dans le Main de CoD2.


One of the SD target have no sound when it explodes.
If you find some feel free to post it on the forums. 

Un des points SD n'a pas de son quand il explose.
Si vous en trouvez d'autres, n'hésitez pas à m'en
faire part sur mon forum. 

I wish to especially thanks PIERRAMBO, the greatest
mapper of all time, for his help, tricks and hints.

Je voudrais remercier tout spécialement PIERRAMBO,
le plus grand mapper de tous les temps, pour son
aide, trucs et conseils.

I also want to thanks majorpainz for letting me use
one of his prefabs.

Merci, aussi, à majorpainz pour
m'avoir laissé utiliser un de ses prefabs.

- Do not modify or add to the contents of the IWD file.
- You may distribute the file via any means you wish,
  but under no circumstances should the files be used
  for profit.
- Do not contact Activision or Infinity Ward for support
  regarding the map (contact me).
- If you wish to distribute the files, then all files
  must be included in their original form (including this

I am in no way responsible for damage of any kind due
to inappropriate use of the files.

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