Ammokid's Addon for Merciless Matador



WARNING: This mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.

Here's version 2.0 for Merciless matador. This will add even more stuff like more weapon sounds, new blood effects, etc. So look at the screens and try this mod today!



Ammokid's addon V2 for merciless SP

About the mod:

This adds some new stuff but you need merciless matador mod to work
What mod adds:

-Added no more stock blood.
-Added 2 new weps: panzerfaust and projectile nade. (projectile nade replaces the stielhandgranate)
-Added more weapon sounds.
-German snow guys will not have a G43. He will have a mp44 insted.
But wait german snow guys can have a ppsh and flamethower.
Afrikakorps will have a mp44 and panzerfaust (but the afrikakrops cant use teh panzerfaust :(  only u can use it)
-Added new blood when someone is "hit"
-Added new headsplat sounds. (Cuz i didnt like them)
-Dead body shooting will have a better blood.
-PPS43 and tt30 will have its own sound.
-G43,mp44,mp40,sten and thompson will have more ammo.
-Flamethower will be more powerful.

How to install:

Delete the V1 addon and put the new addon in your main.
Also if you want new die sounds and pain sounds put zzz_diesounds in ur main

How to unstall:

Just delete the iwd file from ur cod2 main folder.

So enjoy!

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