ammokid's Merciless Matador Add-On



WARNING: This mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.

For those who play the Merciless Matador mod, you might want to give this little add-on a try. The add-on features new weapon sounds, new damage skins, and much more! Check out the screenshots, download this mod, and see what you think. :)



Ammokid's addon for merciless SP

About the mod:

This adds some new stuff but u need merciless matador mod to work
What mod adds:

-New dmg skins.
-Blood pools go more bigger.
-New weapon sounds.
-Removed german normandy fat.
-Added dead body shooting.(uses the stock blood from cod2)
-More blood when someone is hit.
-New ppsh model on first-person-view

How to install:

To install just drag the iwd file in ur cod2 main folder.

How to unstall:

Just delete the iwd file from ur cod2 main folder.


Sometimes when u shoot a german or get a headshot on him he still not dead. (Dont know why)

So enjoy!

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