For those of you who just have to have the UO gameplay in CoD2, then this is your ticket. There are so many options in this mod that it woul...


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For those of you who just have to have the UO gameplay in CoD2, then this is your ticket. There are so many options in this mod that it would be impossible to fit here. :P Look at the pictures and the readme and try this awesome looking mod today!


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Back2Uo Mod v.2.1 ReadMe - English


 Thank you for your interest and support for the Back2UO Mod for Call of Duty 2.

 Back2UO is a Call of Duty 2 modification which takes core elements of the original
 game play from  CoD United Offensive and adds it to CoD 2. 
 For example – the heads up display, functions, atmosphere and many effects.


 1.) Setup
 2.) Settings
3.)	Known Mod-Bugs
4.)	Terms of Use
5.)	Manufacturer Data
6.)	Contact Information

1.) Setup

 - Create a folder in your Call of Duty 2 Main Directory called ‘back2uo’.
 - Into this folder, copy in the following Back2Uo Mod Files:

 Back2Uo v.2.1 Files:
  - z_back2uo_2.1_client.iwd      
  - z_svr_back2uo_2.1.iwd       
  - localized_english_iw15.iwd     
  - localized_german_iw15.iwd    
  - back2uomod.cfg                      

  - To start the Server with the Back2Uo Mod you need this parameter:

 Server Parameter:
  +set fs_game back2uo +exec cod2server.cfg

   - To utilise your own Settings in the “back2uomod.cfg” you must link your own        
     “cod2server.cfg”. ( exec back2uomod.cfg )
   - If the settings or link does not take place with the Back2Uo config the Back2UO Mod
     will always start with the default Settings.
- It is Important that “localized_english_iw15.iwd” and “localized_german_iw15.iwd”
  are in the folder to enable every gamer to play independent of their game version,
  with respect to their corresponding sounds, graphics and texts in their language.

  - Feel free to use our predefined CoD 2 server Config.
  - If you use your own Config you MUST set these parameters in it:

  - set com_hunkMegs "512"
  - set g_logsync "1" (0=no log, 1=buffered, 2=continuous, 3=append)
  - set logfile "1"
  - set g_log "back2uo_mod.log"
  - Without these Commands you may experience performance problems.
  - If you receive some errors relating to the config – check the log files.

2.) Settings

 Here follows details on the functions of the mod.

[Back2Uo Mod Settings:]
 Back2Uo Mod Setup
  - Here you can Activate or Deactivate the Mod with all its functions and settings.

 Test Bots:
  - These bots are there for testing and just work in LAN play / Online and they do not
    utilize Punk Buster
  - The test bots have automatic weapon assignment and have sprinting turned off.
- Bot attitude and logic comes from no pre-existing waypoints. 
 Back2Uo Auto Download Info:
  - Here you have the possibility to control those players which did not activate the Auto
    Download in COD to not let them playing. These players will receive a warning
    message and be kicked from the Server automatically.

 Client Settings:
  - These contain Standard settings for Clients connecting to the Server. 

    cg_errordecay -> “100"
    cg_fov -> “80"
    cg_hudDamageIconHeight -> “64"
    cg_hudDamageIconInScope -> “0"
    cg_hudDamageIconOffset -> “128"
    cg_hudDamageIconTime -> “2000"
    cg_hudDamageIconWidth -> “128"
    cg_hudObjectiveMaxRange -> “2048"
    cg_hudObjectiveMinAlpha -> “1"
    cg_hudObjectiveMinHeigth -> “-70"
    cg_thirdperson -> “0"
    fx_sort -> “1"

 Random Map Rotation:
  - If set, this will play random map rotation.

[COD 2 Elements:]

 Crosshair Notifications:
-	Switch on or off the crosshair.

 Player Head Icons:
 - Switched on or off all existing icons appearing over a players head.

  - Configure notifications, which are indicated on the
   Player Hud or visible on walls. 

 Hud Elements:
  - Configure all default COD 2 Hud Elements.

 Map Ambience Effects:
  - Configure all ambience map effects. 
 Map Kill Trigger:
  - Since Patch v.1.2, COD 2 contains a Kill Trigger, this prevents a player staying or
    moving onto a non-permitted position e.g. on a roof, tree, fire etc
- You have the possibility of decreasing the energy of players who move onto these
   areas whilst they stay on them. 

[COD 2 Menu:]

 Automatic Team selection:
 - Player team selection happens automatically.

 Back2Uo Server Information:
- Turn on the server information menu display after a player connects.

 Back2Uo Favourite Menu:
- Allows an extra menu point, where players can add the Server to their own 
  favourite List.

 Vote System:
  - Configure the voting system.

[Message System:]

 Clan Messages & Welcome Messages:
  - With these Settings you can set your own Messages.

  set back2uo_clanm_0                "Message 1”
  set back2uo_clanm_1                "Message 2"

- For further messages you must add only instructions and increase only the end
  number. (e.g. set back2uo_clanm_2   _3   _4  and so on)

 Server Messages:
  - Display the Server name or a Slogan or banner.

 Player Status Messages:
 - Indicate a message for all Players to see when they enter or leave the server. 

 Next Map Message:
  - Adjusts and controls the display of the next map / game type message in game. 

[Weather Ambience System:]

 Weather Effect System:
  - Adjust strength and probability / frequency of the weather effects.
  - Setting these effects to high, could lead to performance issues and stability 
    or the  server or players.

 Thunder Effect & Winter Effect:
  - Controls the ambience effects dependent on the map – i.e. Snow  -> Winter Maps.

[War Ambience System:]
 War Effects:
  - Set the war atmosphere effects.
  - Setting these effects to high, could lead to performance issues and stability 
    or the server or players.

 Mortar Effects:
  - Sets mortars on a map and configure them.  

 Airplane Effects:
  - Sets aeroplane effects and configure them.
  - These do not function on small Maps.

 Ambience Air-Defence-Fire:
  - Sets air defence fire.

[Detection | Protection System:]

 AFK Detection:
 - Moves the player into spectator mode if they are AFK (away from Keyboard).

 Camper Protection:
  - Shows campers on the Compass.
  - This Option is recommended only for Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch.

 Spawn Detection:
- Protects newly spawned players against damage from artillery or other players 
  for a  time period after their spawn.

[Blood System:]

 Blood Effects:
  - Allows adjustment of blood effects or blood pools after a player dies.

[Player Sounds:]

 Taunts & Sounds:
  - Allows adjustment of sounds caused by player hits or death. These sounds can be played together.

[Points System:]

 Ranking Plus or Minus Points:
- Allows adjustment of player points + or – depending on certain actions or 
  situations in the game.

[Hud Notifications:]

 Hud Notification:
  - Hud Fx Icon
    - Indicates on the HuD if ambience effects such as Rain or Mortars are activate.
  - Playerposition
    - In addition to the standard functionality this has extension of the player position
      display, showing the current stance or position of the player. This also shows 
      the player stamina during running. 

 Hud Points Notification:
- Allows you to adjust if a points indication for Deathmatch Mode or for Team
  Deathmatch (shows more details than DM such as how many Players are still alive).

 Hud Object Notification:
  - Binocular Distance
    - This helps you when you aiming with the artillery via the binoculars – showing 
      the distance to the target in Metres. 
  - Hit Distance
    -  Shows the distance to a victim, and also the body part which kill was inflicted on.

[Player Energy System:]

 Energy Notification:
-	Adjusts if a player health bar is shown or not. 
 Player Energy Behavior:
  - Adjusts if a players life energy runs out or is allowed to replenish itself again.

 Fall Damage:
- Adjusts how much life energy is deducted when a player falls from a minimum 
  or maximum height to the ground. 

- Adjusts health pack use when injured / dying - each Player replenishes their 
  energy via these packs. Injury / death depends on where the player receives 
  their injury via other palyers, artillery or falling. 

Helmet Popping:
  - Adjusts if player helmets fly off when a head shot is received. 
  - Also it is possible to control if players can survive indirect headshot(s).

[Sprinting System:]

 Player Sprinting (run):
- Indicates if players sprint.
- The sprinting functions exactly as in COD United Offensive. However in this MOD sprinting is a programmatic simulation of sprinting. 

 Additional Info:
  - Sprinting is activated only by pressing the ‘Use’ , default ‘F’.
  - Sprinting is only possible when moving. Not when a player uses binoculars, a turret,
     sits, is on a ladder, is prone or crouches, or planting / diffusing a bomb.
  - Also as with COD UO after sprinting for the full limit the player becomes tired and
    cannot sprint again until the sprint metre has replenished. After a fully sprint the
    player ‘pants’ and is out of breathe. This noise can be heard by other players.

[Ranking System:]

 Ranking Status:
-Indicates whether the ranking system is to be activated, this is indicated as 
 bounties and displays in game. 

 Ranking Notifications & Sounds:
- indicates whether ranking announcements are displayed and sounded.

 Ranking System Level:
- Indicates the number of points allocated to a ranking increase.
- As is the case for COD UO there is 5 Badges of Ranking, which a player can acquire.

 Ranking Over Level (reach max rank):
- This sets up the possibility of having artillery available to a player after they 
   achieve the highest rank. 

 Ranking 1 -> 4 Bounties:
- Indicates which reward a player receives upon reaching a certain rank.
- This bounty is allocated after each round.
- A reduction in rank is also rewarded accordingly. 

 Ranking Level Allocation:
- indicates from which ranking level a player receives the ability to call in the artillery 

 Artillery Order:
  - Indicates artillery fired.

 - The artillery is activated by aiming (looking) with the binoculars to the target 
    and pressing the ‘Use’ Key .
 - Firing of the artillery is possible only with the announcement of a distance / value.
   - The artillery appears always in the opposite direction to the Player aiming. 
      i.e the player aims Northwards, and the artillery appears in the South. 
   - Players under Spawn the Protection cannot be wounded by Artillery. 
   - The Artillery is not classed as friendly fire, thus with “0“ effect and 
      with “1 - > 3“ other team players are protected. 

[Weapon System:]

  Weapon System:
-	Indicates whether the Weapon optimization is active in the game. 
  Weapontype Selection:
- With this setup you have the possibility, which Weapon Type is allowed for 
  free selection.
   - This changes the Weapon Selection Menu.
 Weapon System Extra:
- This is an extra option for the type of weapon allowed. It allows ammunition for 
  pistols infinitely in the pistol only mode.

 Weapon Allow:
  - With this Setup one has the possibility of permitting or of deactivating certain
    Players weapons or map Weapons in the Game.
- It also allows 2 new weapons to be permitted. These are the G43 Sniper and the
  Rocket launcher in the Game. These will then also show in the Weapon Menu.

 Weapon Limits:
  - With this Setup one has the Possibility of specifying a limitation for certain 
    Weapons per team. e.g. 1 Sniper & 1 Shotgun per Team. 

 Grenade System:
- With this Setup one can configure the max number of grenades and smoke 
  grenades for players.

 Special Equipment:
- Allows you to modify the grenades and smoke grenades. e.g. shorten the  
  throwing range or use cookable grenades. 

 Weapon Strength:
- Can change the strength of weapons or an action e.g. bash with a weapon.
  - 100% corresponds to the maximum damage value the weapon or action causes. 
    If you set the percentage small, the smaller the damage.

3.) known Mod-Bugs 
 Red Compass Points (with Enemy Fire):
  - In Order to let the Red Points disappear showing Enemy Fire on the Compass, a 
    File with the name “compassping_enemyfiring “ in the “z_back2uo_2.1_client.iwd “ 
    in the    Order “Materials/“.
- This graphic file overwrites the original effect.
  - In Order to activate the Red Points on the compass again, the
     “z_back2uo_2.1_client.iwd “in the order “Materials/“  must removed or renamed. 
- The “*.iwd “ file can be opened and worked on easily with WinRar or WinZip. 

 Custom Maps:
  - Due to the use of its own Back2Uo MOD own custom scripts, models, sounds etc. 
    we cannot give a warranty  or guarantee that these will e compatible with this MOD.
  - As there are many custom multiplayer maps, with their own Scripts for map effects 
    etc these could lead to problems with the Back2Uo programming.
- It is also possible that some maps have too many models attached, and those
  combined with the Back2Uo Mod might exceed he maximum Model-Value of the 
  COD 2 Engine and generate the error “g_modelindex:overflow“ .

Weapon Strength Setup (Turrets):
 - Due to a problem in the CoD 2 engine sometimes there are issues with the 
   weapon strength for turrets. 

4.) Terms of Use
 The Back2Uo Mod may be used and applied on each COD Server.

 Removal of or changing or defacing the MOD or infringement of copyright is forbidden. 
 The Copyright note must remain visible, complete and in the Original Form free from
 changes in any way.

 Changes to the script and functions, or the adjustment and extension of desired
 functions, lie at the discretion of the user and are at the users own risk. These changes
 Still apply under copyright. 

 Changes, add-ons, bug fixes etc, may be not spread, communicated or distributed
 further without detailed permission from the devs below.

 There is no guarantee or warranty of compatibility with other Mods. 
 The use of the Back2Uo Mod with other Mods, could lead to loss of data, 
 errors, performance issues or lead to system crashes. 

 The Back2Uo team & the Mod United home page do not accept accountability or
  responsibility for any damage caused by the installation of the Back2Uo Mod, 
  the use of the Back2Uo Mod is at the owners / users OWN risk.

5.) Dev and Manufacturer Data

 The Creator: 

 The Assistant: 

  - My biggest thanks go to my colleagues from the -]GCF[-Team, who always give 
    me help in assistance with testing, translating and the development of the MOD. 
  - Thanks to the Guys from the GFM Mod, for a good Info exchange.
  - Thanks also the super Website - .
  - Many thanks go to COD Infobase - , for its continual 
    ‘good Mod’ advertisement & support.
- Many thanks go to the CODW Clan  - , which sponsored 
  us a test server for the Back2Uo development and testing. 
  - And naturally also thanks to all Back2Uo fans, that gave good feedback and 
    Have supported the development of the MOD.  
- Thanks also the super Website - .
- Big Thanks to Tabbycat alias Paul Gallagher for the super Translation.

- A special greeting goes to the Ex-Back2Uo Co-worker ‘RaZor’. Unfortunately this is in “Memory of a ‘good Co-worker & Friend’ ”. 

6.) Contact Informations

 If you should have problems with the installation, setup or of playing of the Back2Uo
 Mod, you can turn to our Help Forum E-Mail us at the address below.
 We will endeavour to respond within 24 Hours to requests for support regarding 
 the MOD.



   If you are interested in the Back2Uo Mod, or you want to know the developers
   or simply play a round with us…then simply visit us at our Gamers Club Formation


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