Balanced SMG Only Mod for COD2

Here's another original mod by Tally that focuses on one particular subject: the submachine guns in CoD2. Similar to his snipers-only mod,...


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Here's another original mod by Tally that focuses on one particular subject: the submachine guns in CoD2. Similar to his snipers-only mod, this one gives all teams all SMGs and only SMGs to choose from. They're all balanced, too, so that each weapon retains its character without sacrificing the gameplay. As if that weren't enough, he's included the custom compass, server logo, and cookable nades just as before, but there's more to it than that! There are two skins included (a rusty one for the Grease Gun and a war-torn one for the PPSh) that look gorgeous on their own -- see the screenshots -- and even a new sound for the Grease Gun. ;) As the snipers-only one, this mod is also server- and client-side, which means both ends must have downloaded it in order for everything to work properly. It's only 514k in size, though, so it's not that big of a deal. :P Just check out the screenshots below, and put it on your SMG-only server now! :thumbsup:

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Balanced SMG Only Mod for COD2
by Tally


#Only SMGs on Menu – Player can only choose 1 of 6 of the SMGs

#Static crosshairs – constantly ‘on’ and not disappearing while walking

#Balance given to each SMG, so that no 1 weapon has the upper hand, while each retaining their distinctiveness.

#Custom Skins for Greasgun ('rusty' look), and PPSH ('war-torn' look)

#Custom Sound for Greasgun

#Custom Server logo, giving unique look to server, but telling each player what’s-what on the server

#Custom compass

#Cookable nades - now a 'standard' amongst COD2 mods


This mod started life back at COD1, when I cam across FK's 'Balanced Weapons Mod' for COD1. I was really impressed with this mod, and the current one is in homage to it.

As a die-hard Run-N-Gunner, I like servers which have fast furious gameplay. The thing is, that COD2 has some 'silly' weapons, mainly in the form of the russian ones: the PPSH and the PPS42. This mod is an attempt to 'even' things out.

I took each weapon, and tweaked and corrected their weaknesses, while toning down their dominate features.

I have given the choice of the 6 SGMs to each player on each team, so that, now, you can play TDM or any Team orientated gametype, and still be able to get your fav weapon, irrespective of whether you are Axis or Allied.


This mod is NOT for people who strive for realism. i have not attempted to make the weapons here more realistic. So if your into realism, this mod is not going to be for you.


GREASEGUN - this weapon has had a complete makeover. The original was very weak, and its stock sound very thin and weedy. I have given it some more guts, by tweaking the rumble, and giving it a new sound. 
I have increased its damage and its rate of fire. Since I have worked so hard on it, I decided to give it a new, custom skin.
I think the finished result makes the greasegun a more formidable weapon.

PPSH - This has also had an extensive overhaul. I have limited its ammo clip, bringing it more into line with the others, and reduced its accuracy while adsing. It was just too silly - being able to 'snipe' in ads mode in the stock state. I have adjusted the AIaccuracy file to make it more ineffective at a range of in excess of 100 metres.
Since I worked so much on it, like the greasegun, I decided to give it its own custom skin.

MP40 - I haven't done much to this one, only to slightly increase its rate of fire. This is so as to make it an even match for the Thompson.

THOMPSON - I have only altered the ammo clip, and given it a 32 clip magazine.

STEN - I have only increased its damage rate, and made it more comparable to the others.

PPS42 - Slightly decreased its rate of fire. Everything else is stock.


1 x IWD file called 'smg'. 


Either create an fs_game directory, and place the mod here - along with your server config file, or, place the IWD file in your COD2 'main' server. 
This is NOT server-side only, the client MUST have the file in order to take advantage of its features.


FK, for giving me the inspiration

Meshman, for giving me the inspiration to do some skins

Captaincaveman1942, for the static rectile idea.

Chris_P (Merciless Mod) for the Weapons Editor

[GER]Iceman for the DDS2IWI converter

Pointy, for the IWI2DDS converter


Feel free to use this mod in whatever way you like.


Any problems or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me

Email: [email protected]

MSN: [email protected]

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